Our wedding party

Our flower girls are 2 of the most beautiful children in the world!  Tim's daughters, Sarah and Rachael will pave the way for me down the aisle.  Sarah is 9 and Rachael is 6.  They are both full of life, smart, and absolutely adorable.  They live in Oklahoma, and we have them with us in Houston as much as possible.  They both love to read, and we have so much fun together.  They complete our family!

Robin's attendants
  • Hannah Huff, Maid Of Honor
    Hannah and I became friends in the 4th grade. We were at a mutual friends birthday, and bonded during a "make-up" party. We realized neither of us were all that interested in make-up! We have been close ever since. Even though we didn't go to college in the same town, and live quite far apart now, we keep in touch, and continue to remain close.
  • Natalee Barnard, Bridesmaid
    Natalee and I have been close since I was in the 5th grade. She has been a constant source of knowledge and stability in my life. She has revised, edited, and given advice on many a college paper, and been a source of inspiration to me more than she knows.
Tim's attendants
  • Mick Farr, Best Man
    Tim and Mick used to work together. They became quick friends, and have a very fun and unique friendship. Even though they live apart, they keep in touch, and support each other. They can relate to each other regarding their children and life situations. They have a lot in common, and Mick is a constant support for Tim.
  • Bobby Wade, Groomsman
    Tim and Bobby met through church in Oklahoma. Bobby is a good friend of the family, and recently got married himself. Tim was proud to be a groomsman in his wedding this past summer. Tim's girls are great friends with Bobby's step-children.
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