About Emily

If you're visiting this site, then you probably already know Kevin and I, so I won't elaborate too much. I work and live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. My work during the hours of 8-5pm consists of serving as Team Concierge at Geonetric, a web-based healthcare solutions company. I'm also a District Manager with Arbonne, working on building my skincare and wellness business. 

On the home front, Kevin and I happily live together and are blessed with a beautiful little daughter, Emersyn. (if you would like to get technical, my soon-to-be stepdaughter - but in my heart there is no difference). I can't wait for us all to officially become a family on March 28, 2014!!

About Kevin

Kevin also works at Geonetric as a Agile Coach- he has been with the company for quite a few years now. He has lived in Cedar Rapids since 2003 after graduating from UNI, and went on to get his Masters at the University of Iowa. He is also an adjunct professor at Kirkwood College. 

Kevin loves golf and football - but everyone already knows that. He loves spending time with his family and friends as well. 


How we met

Emily and Kevin met during college at UNI.  Kevin lived in apartment 9 and Emily lived in apartment 12. One day Kevin asked Emily if she needed some help carrying some stuff in from her car, and they became friends.  Over time, they became the best of friends.  They were as close as could be...but never dated.

As college was wrapping up, Kevin and Emily lost touch and went their seperate ways.  Eight years later, through the magic of the Internet, they found each other.  After some emails and many phone calls, they decided to meet up in person.  Kevin made a trip to Madison, Wisconsin, they hit it off, and the rest is history!

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