About Kelly

Kelly was born in Alabama and loves Alabama football! Roll Tide!  She loves to travel and explore! She loves spending time with family and friends! Any type of animal catches her attention and interest her, whether it is good or bad. The bad being spiders! *Gross* She loves to shop (especially for purses, shoes, and jewelry), going to the beach, or just relaxing outside on a lazy day.  

About Steven

Steven was born in Tennesse and loves everything about his state! Of course, he is also an avid Tennesse Vols fan!  He loves any kind of tractor as long as you hand him the keys to it! He is a United States Marine and Kelly loves everything about him (even his bull headedness).

How we met

We actually met at an Outback Steakhouse in Prattville, Al. Kelly's friend Katie works there as a second job and Kelly was there visiting her one day. Steven was a regular here because he lives close by. One day the bar area was full of visitors and the only seat available was one beside Kelly. So, when Katie saw Steven looking for a seat she yelled at him and told him there was an open one beside Kelly. It is all history from there. 

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