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The Wanted Life Episode 7 Episode 6 of The Wanted's reality show, The Wanted Life, aired on Sunday night (July 7). In this episode the boys head to the Bahamas for a show at Atlantis and we also get updates on the progress of Max's movie audition. Nathan also continues to struggle with his voice and we see the moment he found out he needed surgery. Here's your recap of episode 6, "Bahamas Like A Pop Star."

The episode starts out with a scene in the kitchen as Tom announces he’s gonna be cooking dinner and that’s when Max walks in and announces they’re going to the Bahama’s for a gig.

The Wanted Life Episode 7 Then Siva decides to go to Scooter Braun’s office for a one on one meeting with Nano to “clear the air” with him. He expresses his frustration about how he’s not featured as much as the other boys on “Walks Like Rihanna” and questions why he’s even in the band. Nano explains that the producers make the tracks sound as good as they can and sometimes that means some band members doing more on certain songs than others.

Professional spray tanners come to give Jay a tan, Jay jokingly freaks out when they tell him that he’ll be pretty dark by the time it all dry’s. Eight hours later The Wanted and the girlfriends arrive at Atlantis Paradise Islands, Bahamas. It doesn’t take long for them to hit the beach. Jay asks Max about his casting audition and Max reveals that he hasn’t heard anything about it and is a bit disappointed about that.

The Wanted Life Episode 7 4:00pm rolls around and it’s time for soundcheck, Nathan is unable to sing and the other 4 have to cover all his vocals. Nathan is forced to watch from the audience area as he tells the camera that he’s disappointed and feels disconnected from the band because he’s not able to do what he does is in the band. He says he just feels “inadequate.”

The boys throw Nathan a surprise birthday party to try to cheer him up a bit and it did help him feel better.

The Wanted Life Episode 7 Following the little party, everyone puts on the wetsuits and goes swimming with dolphins.

That night, it’s time for The Wanted’s show at Atlantis. The boys are seen giving a performance of “Glad You Came” and Nathan joins the band on stage so the fans wouldn’t be disappointed and mimes his parts. But he still feels he disappointed the fans with that and says that he feels there’s lots of pressure on him to overcome this and get better as soon as possible.

After the show, Siva and Nareesha get some rare alone time at a restaurant.  The talk about Nareesha's career and about a big meeting she has coming up in the UK and then the topic changes to Siva and how he feels about “Walks Like Rihanna” and reveals that it’s “annoying” that he doesn’t have a lot of vocals on the track and didn’t feel he was an equal part of the song and worries it might happen again in the future.

The Wanted Life Episode 7 The next day, Max is sitting in a room with Kevin when he gets the phone call from the screenwriter and he offers Max the role in the part he auditioned for.

Then Nathan is with Kevin and Nano, who decides that it’s time to give Dr. Shawn Nasseri a call again because Nathan is feeling worse today. The doc tells Nathan that they’ve tried everything and at this point it’s time to “come back from the Bahamas and have surgery.” He wasn’t prepared for that news and it even catches Nano and Kevin off guard as well. The doctor tells him that if he doesn’t do it now, he may have to end his career. Nano goes start working on flights immediately and Kevin goes to get the boys so they can tell them the news.

When Kevin breaks the news to them, Jay tells the camera “it sorta hits you like a jackhammer. The fact that he has to have it so urgently it makes your heart drop into the pit of your stomach.” The operation requires months of rest.

What did you think of this episode? What were your favorite parts?

The season finale of the show will air next Sunday.


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