National Shrine of St. Michael and the Archangels
1000 J.P. Laurel cor. Gen. Solano Street
San Miguel, Manila
Map to Church

Directions going to the National Shrine of St. Michael and the Archangels (aka San Miguel Church):

From Quiapo:
•Take service road beside the Quezon Bridge
•Turn left at Carlos Palanca going under the bridge.
•Go straight past the stop light to Gen. Solano

From Taft Ave:
•Turn right at Ayala blvd.
•After the bridge, turn right at Gen. Solano

From UN Ave:
•Turn right at D. Romualdez
•Turn right at Ayala Blvd at the stoplight
•After the bridge, turn right at Gen. Solano


Being On Time

San Miguel Church requires that the wedding start on time because there is another scheduled event. So dear family, relatives, friends and entourage, please be at the Church by 3:00 in the afternoon.

Attention to the liturgy 

We all recognize the importance of the Holy Eucharist and on our wedding day, we request that our guests give due regard to the solemnity of the Rite of Marriage and the Holy Eucharist.  Wedding booklets will be provided to serve as your guide. It would be wonderful if we all fully participate with joy, reverence and thanksgiving.

Other Reminders  

Kindly avoid using your mobile phones inside the Church.

Also during the procession, please refrain from stepping into or blocking the aisle so as not to distract the entourage.

Finally, we would appreciate if we could observe proper decorum all throughout the ceremony.


Ms. Joselle R. Feliciano – Bridal March

Joselle is a 22-year old jazz singer. A graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University, she entered and won the Peninsula Manila’s [email protected] in 2012. In between professional engagements with her group, Camerata Jazz, she is pursuing a Masters Degree in Communication at the Ateneo de Manila University.

Virlanie Childrens Choir – Mass Songs

The Virlanie Children’s Choir is a singing group comprised of wards of the Virlanie Foundation, a voluntary organization which cares for children in need of special protection including those who are abandoned, abused, exploited, neglected, orphaned and poor. The Virlanie Children’s Choir recently completed a concert tour in France.



Or Mayelle to friends and family, is a licensed pharmacist and a former member of Unilab women’s basketball team.  She is living proof that you can win basketball games without really trying, or without really knowing how.  She has since retired from basketball (thankfully) and pursued her love for travelling.  She loves travelling so much that she travelled all the way to Melbourne, Australia to get married to Lorenzo Herrero. OFFIFDGSDbcvbos            OFFICIANT

Fr. Primitivo E. Viray, Jr., S.J.

Father Jun was Bong’s homeroom adviser during his junior year at the Xavier University High School in Cagayan de Oro City.  With his youthful looks, you’d never guess that Father Jun is actually the current President of the Ateneo de Naga University.


Atty. Paquito N. Ochoa, Jr.

Currently the Executive Secretary of the President of the Philippines, Atty. Ochoa or PNO was Bong’s first boss/mentor at the De Mesa and Ochoa Law Offices as a newly-minted lawyer in 2002 and again in 2010 at the Office of the President.  He resides in Quezon City with his wife, Pinky, and children, Sofia and Paco.

Mr. Antonio M. Rubin

Sonny is a ranking executive with Malayan Insurance, he has a passion for cooking as demonstrated by the savory dishes he prepares during Barangay Tiamson family gatherings.  Presently, Uncle Sonny serves as the Vice Mayor of Angono, Rizal where he lives with his wife, Ligaya Tiamson-Rubin, a professor emeritus at the University of the Philippines. 

Atty. Victor C. Avecilla

A practicing lawyer, a professor at the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communications, and Bong’s fraternity brod at the Upsilon Sigma Phi; Chito conscripted, rather “convinced” Bong to appear in the latter’s “Padre Faura Sin Verguenza” musical during his senior year in law school. 

Arch. Jose Thomas D. Beldia

Arch. Beldia is the chief architect/designer/planner of J.T. Beldia & Associates, Inc.  A kind and accommodating person, he and his wife Miriam were very helpful to Laiza when she was putting the finishing touches on her unit at East Capitol Drive in Pasig.

Mr. Eliseo S. Ilano

Eli is a Filipino, American and Swiss.  A retired executive from a top firm in Switzerland, he and Bong worked together during their stint at the Upsilon Sigma Phi Alumni Association, as Chairman and minion, respectively.

Mr. Fernando B. Malveda

A brod at the Upsilon Sigma Phi, Erdie and Bong have worked together for two successive terms at the Upsilon Sigma Phi Alumni Association.  An avid golfer, Erdie is the president and CEO of LEADS Agricultural Products Corporation and also serves as a director of the UP Alumni Association.

Mr. Gilbert A. Vargas

Gilbert was Laiza’s colleague at Unilab until his retirement in 2011.  He went out of retirement to go back to school, not as a student, but as a professor at his alma mater, the University of the Philippines College of Pharmacy.  He lives in Antipolo, Rizal with his wife, Peachy, and their children, Mark and Patricia.

Mr. Alfredo M. Villaluz

Peding is a former banking executive, he and his wife, Isidora T. Villaluz, are successful entrepreneurs and avid supporters of the development of the musical talents of Angono children.  In line with this, Uncle Peding serves as Chairman of the Angono Band Association as well as of the Foundation of the Culture and Arts of Angono.

Ms. Paula A. Tantoco

Paula together with her husband, Atty. Michael B. Tantoco, are proud parents to three sons, John, Marco and Javier.  They are also very active in the Parish of Saint James the Great in Ayala Alabang Village.  Apart from this, they are also supporters of the Virlanie Foundation where Atty. Tantoco serves as corporate counsel.  In fact, it was during Virlanie’s 18th Anniversary in 2010 where they first met Bong and Laiza.

Ms. Lucila C. Yoshida

Tita Lucy Is an English teacher in Japan and has been residing there for more than 25 years with her husband Tetsuya and two children, Ery and Tatsuya. Though based in Japan, she always finds time to visit her relatives and friends in Angono, Rizal.

Ms. Roselita C. Stinson

Bopeep was the Committee Secretary of the Committee on Ecology of the House of Representatives where Bong worked from 1999 to 2001.  Bopeep left the House of Representatives in 2009 and is now residing in the United States with her husband, Duane, and their family.

Ms. Elaine S. Tiamson

Elaine describes herself as dedicated, loyal, dependable and optimistic, who enjoys cooking and baking for her family and friends.  Presently connected with the Asian Development Bank, she resides in Angono, Rizal, with Eulogio Jr.  and their three children, Eileen, Jason and Ethel.

Ms. Lourdes Z. Velasco

Tita Lourdes is the mother of Chris, Bong’s batchmate in the Upsilon Sigma Phi.  Very generous and accommodating, she has kept her home open to Bong and the 93s, all of whom have eaten, slept and hung out there at one time or another.  

Ms. Francisca Jocy I. Oblefias

Tita Jocy is a long-time friend of Laiza having known each other since 1998 when Laiza began working at Unilab.  A manager at Unilab, Jocy and her husband Oscar Ruperto are active members of Couples for Christ.

Ms. Ma. Emma C. Puno

Emma is currently with the Human Resources and Organizational Development Division of Unilab.  She and Laiza worked together for two successive terms at Unilab’s Employees Council and have maintained their friendship even after their stint at the Employees Council.  She is married to West Puno, the proprietor of the Shell Treetops Station in Pasig, and have three children, Ma. Gianina, Miguel and Paolo Gabriel.

Ma. Chona L. Bonite

Ate Chona is connected with Central Quality Assurance and Compliance Division. Laiza and Ate Chona became very good friends at work and during long drives from work to Angono and Binangonan where they reside. Chona is married to a seaman, Mr. Antonio Dichichado Bonite and blessed with four kids, Tonton, Joanna, Ian and Julia.


Mr. Stephen John T. Ablan

A deadringer for actor Spencer Reyes and the Matrix’ Mr. Anderson, Stephen is Bong’s batchmate in the Upsilon Sigma Phi and drinking buddy.  Stephen is currently connected with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and is partial to SM cinemas and the Philippine Airlines.  Ting!

Arch. Leo B. Carlos

One of the best men, Leo was Bong’s classmate from prep thru grade school at the Immaculate Conception Parish School in Quezon City.  Bong stood as best man In Leo’s wedding in 2002 and is godfather to Leo’s firstborn, Luis.  Leo owns and manages LBCA, an architectural and design firm.


Ms. Tanya S. Calabon

Tanya is a pharmacist and Laiza’s good friend and colleague at Unilab for more than the 12 years.  She is married to Marlo, a chemist currently working in Perth, Australia, and has a son, Maghnus, who happens to be Laiza’s inaanak.

Ma. Theressa N. Castillo

One of Laiza’s closest friends in Unilab since 1999. She took a break from work in 2008 to take care of the family and to raise her young son Marcus who is also Laiza’s inaanak. She is presently the regulatory affairs manager of Fonterra Brands Philippines which suits her background as licensed pharmacist.


Mr. Eugene H. Cunanan

A chemical engineering graduate from UP Diliman and also a colleague of Laiza at Unilab, Eugene is one of the couple’s friends.  He may not look like it, but he is very fond of coffee.  Also, he believes a cup of brew is best shared with a very close and special friend.

Mr. Ramon Jacinto R. Pernia

Baggie to friends and family, Mr. Pernia was Bong’s classmate at the Xavier University High School and sponsor when he entered the Upsilon Sigma Phi in 1993.  Previously connected with the Senate of the Philippines and the Authority of the Freeport Area of Bataan, Baggie is presently serving with the Office of the Deputy Commissioner for Administration at the Bureau of Customs.

Atty. Pancho G. Umali

An orgmate at the UP Philosophical Society, Pancho was also Bong’s blockmate at the University of the Philippines College of Law, as well as drinking and gambli…errr gaming buddy in law school.  Together with a former classmate Gerard; Pancho and Bong were immortalized in Mercantile Law Question No. 5 of the 2008 Bar Examinations.  Pancho is presently a partner at one of the prominent law firms in Taguig or Makati, ....really depends on how the Supreme Court decides the matter.


Ms. Vreneli P. Cristobal

A licensed pharmacist who graduated from UP Manila, Vren is one of the couple’s friends from Unilab.  Currently assigned to Unilab’s laboratory in Mamplasan, Laguna; Vren doesn’t mind the daily drive from the Unilab main office in Pasig to Laguna as long as she has a cup of coffee and engaging conversations to look forward to at the end of the day.   

Ms. Kathlyn Rose C. Ramos

Another one of the couples’ friends from Unilab, Kaye is a pharmacist and the ultimate “it” girl - mabait, marikit, petite and all the positive - it - things you can think of.  Kaye loves hosting the barkada’s parties and gatherings at her Acacia estates place.  And hosting in a different context since Kaye will be one of the hosts at the wedding reception.   

Ms. Ma. Isabelle M. Dechavez

Or Mayelle to friends and family, is a licensed pharmacist and a former member of Unilab women’s basketball team.  She is living proof that you can win basketball games without really trying, or without really knowing how.  She has since retired from basketball (thankfully) and pursued her love for travelling.  She loves travelling so much that she travelled all the way to Melbourne, Australia to get married to Lorenzo Herrero.


Mr. Carl Jason V. Damot

CJ is Bong’s favorite, well, only nephew.  A budding teenager, CJ is into books and playing the drums and piano.  A well-travelled young man, he is presently an ACE Student at the Secondary School in Melbourne, Australia where he lives with his parents, Boyet and Baby Damot.

Mr. Reich Michael D. Tiamson

Don’t let his looks fool you.  He is not a bookish 15-year old.  He just happens to count reading and writing as his hobbies.  He also just happens to study at the Philippine Science High School and found time to represent the Philippines in the International Math and Science Olympiad in 2010.


Atty. Alpheus T. Villaluz - Candle

Alphie is a tax lawyer currently connected with Platon Martinez Law Offices.  Previously, he worked with Sycip Gorres and Velayo.  In his spare time, Alphie enjoys watching the television and browsing thru the www.

Ms. Maila Marcela L. Tiamson - Candle

Ate Maila is another member of Barangay Tiamson who is presently connected with the Meddent Medical Clinic in Manila.  She enjoys reading and is very easy to get along with especially during family gatherings.

Engr. Domingo B. Imperial, III - Veil

Junjun is Bong’s cousin and a licensed civil engineer.  Originally hailing from Camarines Sur, he is currently based in Metro Manila and during his spare time, plays badminton and other sports with colleagues at the Social Security System.

Ms. Jutta S. Tan - Veil

Another one of Laiza’s colleagues and barkada at Unilab, Jutta is a licensed pharmacist from the UST.  By her name alone, you’d correctly guess that she is Filipino-Chinese.  Her Chinese roots is demonstrated by her enterprising spirit and frequent weekend shopping trips to 168 and the former crown colony.

Atty. Oliver Xavier A. Reyes - Cord

Oli is Bong’s blockmate at the UP College of Law and arguably one of the class’ best writers.  Previously connected with the Supreme Court, Oli has also written articles for UNO and Esquire magazines.  While serving as the Judicial Staff Head of then Justice Dante Tinga, Oli was responsible for immortalizing Bong, Pancho and Gerard in Mercantile Law Question No. 5 of the 2008 Bar Examinations. 

Ms. Zeny B. Mejias - Cord

Zen worked with Laiza during their stint at Unilab’s Employees Council. In addition to her work at Unilab Consumer Health, she is also active in Unilab's Active Health events. Although born Filipino she strongly believes she was a South Korean in her previous life and fondly calls Seoul her hometown.  


Justice B. Tiamson - Ring

The eldest child of Angono Municipal Tourism Officer Patnubay B. Tiamson and Dr. Mylene Basco-Tiamson, Jazz is a Grade 2 student at the APHS – Elementary Department.  In addition to regular schoolwork, he is also taking piano lessons at Music Wizard in Angono, Rizal.   In addition to all these, Jazz likes drawing and making his own dance and music videos.

Ralph Ardent D. Tiamson-Arrhae

The youngest son of Atty. Erwin and Lanie Tiamson, he is a third grade student at the Colegio de San Agustin.  When taking a break from studies, he is engaged in his hobbies which include You Tube broadcasting and playing Minecraft Games

Lance Robbie T. Chua-Bible

Robbie is the youngest son of Henry and Lami Chua and a pre-schooler at the Little Apprentice in Alabang. He is super playful and affectionate.

Jose Inigo L. Tiamson-News

Ino is the 5-year old son of Tristan and Issa Tiamson.  He is a nursery student currently attending the Piaget Learning Center in Quezon City.  He loves dinosaurs and all kinds of animals including snakes and horses.  Just like his Dad, he loves eating particularly his favourite dish, sinigang.


Isabella Francesca T. Borja

Or Bibby is the daughter of Atty. Francis and Milambini Borja.  A sweet, loving and thoughtful 6-year old, Bibby attends St. Paul College in Pasig where she is a Grade 1 student.  She looks forward to Uncle Eng’s magic tricks during Barangay Tiamson family gatherings.

Cheenee Sofia T. Chua

The only daughter of Henry and Lami Chua, Cheenee is a Grade 2 student attending the De la Salle Santiago Zobel School in Alabang.  She is a smart girl with an outgoing personality and has modelled for Rustans locally and for Juja Bear brand in the United States.

Alyana Micayla O. Rubin

Is a 5-year old student in Paref Rosehill School in Antipolo.  In her spare time, she loves drawing, singing and making Youtube videos to the delight of her parents, Rainier and Lou Rubin.


Atty. Mary Rose S. Tan - Commentator

May to friends and family, is Bong’s blockmate at the UP College of Law.  Having previous stints at a renowned law firm and the Supreme Court, May earned a Master of Laws degree from the University of Sydney in Australia.  She is presently connected with the San Miguel Corporation and teaches at the UP College of Law. 

Mr. Eusebio Allan B. Mosqueda- First Reading

A one-time sounding board for Bong and a certified hats-off Laiza-fan (for her ability to put up with Bong’s quirks), Allan is another one of Bong’s batchmates in the Upsilon Sigma Phi (yes, they come a plenty), who credits Bong for a number of memorable moments ranging from “G” all the way to “R-18”.  

Atty. Ma. Theresa U. Ballelos -Psalmist

A lawyer by profession, Theresa graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Law where she was a Bong’s blockmate and currently works at a telecommunications firm. The recipient of an Endeavour Postgraduate Award from the Australian government, she recently completed her Master of Laws studies at the University of Sydney.

Ms. Sheila E. Villanueva – Second Reading

Shey is one of Bong’s college friends and orgmate at the UP Philosophical Society.  She is presently connected with the National Computer Center and lives in Quezon City with her husband, Chris and son.

Mr. Aaron G. Estanislao – Prayers Of the Faithful

A chemist, Ron is another one of Laiza’s barkada at Unilab where they represented their respective divisions in the Unilab Employee’s Council.  He makes it a point to invite the Unilab barkada to his family’s home in Marikina during the annual fiesta.


Mr. Mark Thaddeus L. Matibag  - Candles

Mark is Bong’s batchmate at the Upsilon Sigma Phi.  A successful local entrepreneur, Mark once appeared opposite Judy Anne Santos and Robin Padilla in the teleserye “Basta’t Kasama Kita”. He presently lives in Cainta with his wife, Dr. Aileen Pilar - Matibag and their children.

Ms. Mylene L. Tiamson - Candles

And yet another member of Barangay Tiamson, Ate Mylene is Laiza’s confidante and ka-chika.  She describes herself as simple, charming, genuine. witty, kindhearted,  straightforward and loyal till the end.

Mr. Gerald Kenneth B. Mermida - Flowers

Ken is a Chemical Engineer and another one of Laiza’s colleagues at Unilab.  He is into body-building, 21-km runs and creating the perfect Mongolian barbecue at Sweet Inspirations.  For purposes of this wedding, he will be the perfect partner for Jackie (see below) during the wedding mass.

Ms. Jacqueline S. Ong - Flowers

No she is not Cristine Reyes, though she bears an uncanny resemblance to the latter.  And she is not a Unilab employee (Bong once mistook her for one), though she hangs out there almost everyday with the Unilab barkada.  Jackie graduated from the UP Diliman where she took up Philosophy and her masters in Development Economics.

Mr. Jude Anthony A. Andrada - Fruits

Bong’s batchmate in the Upsilon Sigma Phi, Jude is currently connected with the National Livelihood Development Corporation.  Originally from Roxas City, Jude now lives in Pasig with his wife Blessie and daughter, Issa, who happens to be Bong’s inaanak.

Ms. Malaya M. Sadiwa- Fruits

Aya was Bong’s classmate at the UP Diliman and an orgmate at the UP Philosophical Society.  She lives in Marikina with her husband, Ricky, and their daughters, one of whom is Bong’s inaanak.

Ms. Amalia B. Magadia – Water and Wine

Amy is a Chemistry graduate from the UP Diliman and Laiza’s colleague at Unilab.   They worked together at Unilab’s Product Quality Assurance Group.  She lives in Pasig, with her husband, Gerry, an executive at URC, and their two kids, Luigi and Isabelle.

Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Estela Medalla – Host

One of Bong’s friends at the Xavier University High School in Cagayan de Oro City, Stanley is presently based in Toronto, Canada, with his wife, Estela where they are registered nurses.




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