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Sexy and exquisitely gorgeous, the orchid is a star at any wedding. Thousands of species are cultivated worldwide, which means there is an orchid for every type of bride. A full spray of orchids can be used in bouquets and arrangements, or a simple blossom can be plucked to make an exotic boutonniere.

The main types of orchids commonly used at weddings: cymbidium (usually green; popular, yet expensive; durable yet perishable in cold temperatures); dendrobium (sweetly scented; used in classic Hawaiian leis); oncidium (often referred to as "spray orchids"; they come on slender long branches); vandas (summer-blooming; comes in a rare, yet stunning bluish purple); and phalaenopsis (popular and widely used; usually comes in white and purple).


white, yellow, green, apricot, orange, pale pink, dark pink, red, burgundy

some varieties are fragrant

luxury, nobility, lust


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