10 Escort Cards You Can Eat!

An escort card you can eat? Now that’s an idea we support! From herb bundles to ketchup bottles we love these creative ideas for getting guests to their table.
  1. Basil Escort Cards

    Basil Escort Cards
    Photo by K. Holly Photography

    Basil escort cards will both look and smell pretty!

  2. Blueberry Jam Escort Cards

    Blueberry Jam Escort Cards
    Photo by Emilie Inc., Portland

    These cute jam escort cards are sweet and simple.

  3. Jelly Bean Escort Cards

    Jelly Bean Escort Cards
    Photo by Sargeant Photography

    Who doesn't love jelly beans? Guests would be excited to see their names on these treats.

  4. Apple Escort Cards

    Apple Escort Cards
    Photo by TheKnot.com

    You know what they say about "an apple a day." Apples aren't just good for you though, they can also be made into creative escort cards best for a rustic fall wedding.

  5. Clementine Escort Cards

    Clementine Escort Cards

    ​These are super easy to DIY. Just buy clementines in bulk and pin name tags to the top.​

  6. Apricot Jam Escort Cards

    Apricot Jam Escort Cards
    Photo by TheKnot.com

    ​Homemade jam filled the jars for these creative DIY escort cards.​

  7. Pear Escort Cards

    Pear Escort Cards
    Photo by TheKnot.com

    ​One bride cut green paper into leaf shapes for the guests' names and tables, and then she attached them with pins onto a pear.​

  8. Candy Escort Cards

    Candy Escort Cards
    Photo by TheKnot.com

    ​Clear boxes filled with different kinds of white candy served as guests's escort cards and favors.​

  9. Ketchup Bottle Escort Cards

    Ketchup Bottle Escort Cards
    Photo by TheKnot.com

    Customized mini Heinz ketchup bottles doubled as escort cards... did you want fries with that?

  10. Herb Escort Cards

    Herb Escort Cards
    Photo by TheKnot.com

    Bundles of lavender, rosemary and thyme may not be edible alone but certainly will add to the food's flavor!

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