10 Wedding Bummers You’re Not Allowed to Freak Out About

Sure, they're not ideal, but these mishaps are so not worth a freakout.
by The Knot
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Want to know a secret? Not everything is going to go absolutely, positively perfect on and leading up to your wedding day. Here are a few minor snafus you shouldn't let yourself get upset over.

1. You start venue shopping six months before you want to get married and your top three sites are already booked.

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It's one of the downfalls of planning on short notice, unfortunately. Don't worry, you'll find "the one" eventually—we promise.

2. You tell the best man to speak from the heart—and his heart tells him to share some slightly shameless tales from college.

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You can beg and beg—even write everyone's speeches for them—but in the end, you just have to have a little faith and roll with the toasting punches. Try to laugh it off (or at least brush it off) as best as you can. 

3. You don't get a chance to have one bite of your amazing dessert bar.

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It's not your fault you're so popular! Everyone will want a moment with the newlyweds, so don't be surprised if you barely have time to snag a piece of cake. Our best advice is to have your maid of honor or a trusy member of the catering staff to save (read: hide) you a bite of your favorite treat.

4. The DJ plays a song from your "do-not-play" list.

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Nothing you can do on this one. Just let it go—songs are only around five minutes long, and it'll be over before you know it. 

5. You're serving signature cocktails and they hit your guests a little too hard and a little too fast.

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So maybe two shots of tequila per watermelon margarita wasn't the all-time greatest idea. Ask the waitstaff to go heavy on the water refills during dinner.

6. Table three accidentally gets labeled as table four and vice versa.

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No one will ever know.

7. Some guests arrive late and miss your grand entrance.

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Tardy arrivals will happen—no sweat. Their loss right? Try to ignore the distraction and be in the moment with your new spouse. Odds are, by the end of the night, even the end of the ceremony, you'll have forgotten all about it. 

8. People use their phones during your unplugged ceremony.

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Like we said before: Take the high road and try to let it go. 

9. A few pink blooms show up in the centerpieces when you specifically said, "No pink!"

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It happens, but at the end of the day, no one will care. 

10. One of your bridesmaids shows up with neon green nail polish (after you told everyone to come to the ceremony with a neutral mani).

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It's kind of annoying since you specified how you'd like everyone's nails done, but thankfully manicures are pretty hard to see. At least she didn't show up in a neon dress you never approved. 

Bottom line? Don't sweat the bummers. Embrace them and be confident that your wedding is going to be amazing, no matter what.  

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