14 Ideas for a Hollywood Wedding (or Oscar Party!)

by Bridget Clegg
Oscar-inspired wedding ideas: What Shanni Saw / TheKnot.com
Rebecca Crumley

Turn your wedding into a night of Hollywood romance with thematic nods to classic cinema. Honor your first date with movie-ticket-stub escort cards and glorify your weekend Netflix binges with a late-night popcorn bar. For your wedding (or your upcoming Oscar party!), incorporate the nostalgic mood of black-and-white films, the art-deco vibe of 1940s theaters and the bold personalities of Hollywood's elite with the 14 ideas below!

Make your invitation suite resemble an admit-one ticket.

Oscar-inspired wedding ideas: Whitebox Weddings / TheKnot.com
<span style="font-size:x-small;"><a href="http://www.theknot.com/weddings/photo/new-years-eve-invitations-103199" target="_new">Whitebox Weddings</a>

Whitebox Weddings

From the album: A Modern Formal Wedding in Greensboro, NC

Create a seating chart display with film reels and framed photos of classic Hollywood romance.

Oscar-inspired wedding ideas: Love & Lemonade / TheKnot.com
Love & Lemonade

Love & Lemonade

From the album: An Old Hollywood Wedding in Silverado, CA

Design your escort cards to look like tickets.

Oscar-inspired wedding ideas: Teale Photography / TheKnot.com
Teale Photography

Teale Photography

From the album: A Romantic Country Wedding in Nashville, TN

Play off the ballot idea with an escort card display of mini-envelopes.

Oscar-inspired wedding ideas: Ryan Brenizer Photography / TheKnot.com
Ryan Brenizer Photography

Ryan Brenizer Photography

Serve Shirley Temples in honor of the great late actress and youngest person to receive an (honorary) Academy Award.

Oscar-inspired wedding ideas: What Shanni Saw / TheKnot.com
<span style="font-size:x-small;"><a href="http://www.theknot.com/weddings/photo/red-cocktail-hour-drinks-113091" target="_new">What Shanni Saw</a>

What Shanni Saw

From the album: A Vintage Wedding in Napa, CA

Decorate your guest-book table with vintage film equipment.

Oscar-inspired wedding ideas: Rebecca Crumley / TheKnot.com
Rebecca Crumley

Rebecca Crumley

Pair framed photos of classic film couples with your table numbers.

Oscar-inspired wedding ideas: Meg Perotti / TheKnot.com
Meg Perotti

Meg Perotti

From the album: A Classic Wedding in Los Angeles, CA

Project photos of your silver-screen favorites in the cocktail lounge or at the reception.

Oscar-inspired wedding ideas: Trista Lerit Photography / TheKnot.com
Trista Lerit Photography

Trista Lerit Photography

From the album: A Modern Wedding in Culver City, CA

Put your love in lights with a marquee wedding sign.

Oscar-inspired wedding ideas: Eden Frangipane Photography / TheKnot.com
<span style="font-size:x-small;"><a href="http://www.theknot.com/weddings/photo/marquee-letter-lights-149982" target="_new">Eden Frangipane Photography</a>

Eden Frangipane Photography

From the album: A Whimsical Shabby-Chic Wedding in Franklin, TN

Make your dessert black tie with chocolate-covered strawberries and a cake that look like tuxes.

Oscar-inspired wedding ideas:  data-verified=

L Photographie

From the album: A Timeless Classic Wedding in St. Louis, MO

Represent your film buff with a groom's cake shaped like a camera.

Oscar-inspired wedding ideas: Roey Yohai Photography / TheKnot.com
Roey Yohai Photography

Roey Yohai Photography

From the album: The Knot Dream Wedding in New York, NY

Make a fancy concession stand by setting up a popcorn bar with favor boxes.

From the album: A Glitzy Formal Wedding in Phoenix, AZ

Keep the congratulatory champagne flowing with bubbles shaped like bubbly for guests to use during your reception exit.

Oscar-inspired wedding ideas: Jennifer Lindberg Weddings / TheKnot.com
Jennifer Lindberg Weddings

Jennifer Lindberg Weddings

From the album: A Romantic Traditional Wedding in Austin, TX

It may not be an Oscar, but give guests a gold trophy to commemorate your wedding!

Oscar-inspired wedding ideas: Aaron Young Photography / TheKnot.com
Aaron Young Photography

Aaron Young Photography

From the album: A Casual Vintage Wedding in Palos Verdes, CA

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