15 Creative Ways To Honor Your Home State At Your Wedding

by Lauren Levy

There's a ton of amazing ways to draw wedding inspiration from your home state without turning your decor into a cliche. Whether you're planning a destination wedding and want to make it feel more like home or are welcoming out-of-town guests, embrace your roots and show some local pride! From state-shaped guests books and desserts to map accents (i.e crafty DIY projects), check out these playful ways to feature some state love at your wedding.

1. Send Out Vintage-Style State Post Cards

Personalized State Decor: Emily Steffen Photography / TheKnot.com

Emily Steffen Photography

From the album: A Romantic Country Wedding in Hillsdale, WI

2. Welcome Everyone To The Wedding With A Bagful Of State-Inspired Snacks

Personalized State Decor: Kat Bevel Photography/ TheKnot.com

Kat Bevel Photography

3. Have The Groomsmen Wear Wooden State-Shaped Boutonnieres

Personalized State Decor: Paul Von Rieter / TheKnot.com

Paul Von Rieter

4. Give Your Bridesmaids State-Inspired Tote Bags

Personalized State Decor: Cuppa Photography / TheKnot.com

Cuppa Photography

5. Use A State-Themed Pillow For The Rings

Personalized State Decor: Cana Video Productions / TheKnot.com

Cana Video Productions

From the album: An At-Home Wedding in Paso Robles, California

6. Paint Your State On Top Of The Cornhole Board (For Cocktail Hour)

Personalized State Decor: E.C. Campbell PhotographyTableau / TheKnot.com

E.C. Campbell PhotographyTableau

From the album: An At-Home Wedding in Ludington, Michigan

7. Welcome Guests With A Bottle Of Something Your State Is Known For

Personalized state wedding decor: Ashley Garmon Photographers / TheKnot.com
photo by Ashley Garmon Photographers

Ashley Garmon Photographers

From the album: A Vintage Romantic Wedding in Austin, TX

8. Give Out Cute State-Inspired Cocktail Hour Coasters

Personalized State Decor: Kara Petta Photography / TheKnot.com

Kara Petta Photography

From the album: A Simple Country Wedding in Milwaukee, WI

9. Wrap Your Centerpiece Vases With State Maps

Personalized State Decor: Stone Crandall Photography / TheKnot.com

Stone Crandall Photography

10. Name Your Tables After States You've Lived In

11. Put State Shaped Buttons At Each Place Setting

Personalized State Decor: Hazelton Photography / TheKnot.com

Hazelton Photography

From the album: A Charming Vintage Wedding in Wheaton, IL

12. Use Giant Wooden State Cut-Outs As Your Guest Book

Personalized State Decor: Cuppa Photography / TheKnot.com

Cuppa Photography

13. Give Out State-Shaped Cookies As Favors

Personalized State Decor: Dana Damewood Photography / TheKnot.com

Dana Damewood Photography

From the album: An Elegant Modern Wedding in Omaha, NE

14. Top Your Cake With A State Cut-Out Cake Topper

15. Wrap Your Wedding Favors With A Print Of Your State

From the albums : A Sophisticated, Whimsy Wedding in Charlotte, NC and A Classic Nautical Wedding in Oakdale, NY

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