The 2019 Wedding Bouquet Trends You’ll Love

2019 to-be-weds, this is for you.
by Sophie Ross

Haven’t found your dream florist or brainstormed bouquets yet? Well, these are the bouquet trends that’ll be leading the pack this year and—spoiler alert—minimalism is taking over. So if you’re a 2019 to-be-wed (or simply love the idea of a dainty bouquet), take notes.

  1. Single Stems

    Single stems have always been the perfect option for any to-be-wed looking for an alternative to the classic bouquet—but you’ll see them everywhere in 2019. To pull it off, choose a single, oversize floral to stand on its own or complement it with greenery.

  2. Minimalism

    Similarly, minimalist bouquets will take over this year. As much as we adore over-the-top, cascading blossoms, expect more pulled-back and modern variants of the traditional bouquet this year, simply constructed with a few beautiful and chic stems.

  3. Tropical Leaves

    Tropical leaves accompanied by bright florals will make a splash in 2019. While you don’t need to be having a destination wedding to pull off this trend, they’ll make an ideal addition to a ceremony held in a lush locale.

  4. Bold Monochrome

    You can’t go wrong with a neutral, all-white bouquet, but the monochromatic trend is going one step further this year—with bouquets rendered in a single bold hue that’s anything but boring (like hot pink).

  5. Petite Bouquets

    Meghan Markle’s iconic lily of the valley bouquet is just one more trend inspired by the wedding seen around the world. There will certainly be tons of similar, dainty (and even tidy wildflower) interpretations well into 2019.

  6. Blooming Branches

    Rather than lavish florals and greenery, consider incorporating bare branches into your fall or winter nuptials—you’ll love how much texture and intrigue they can bring to an otherwise classic or non-fussy bouquet.

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