30 Wedding Ceremonies! Who Would Do That?

by Simone Hill

For most couples, planning just one wedding can be overwhelming, but one UK couple has had 22 wedding ceremonies, and plan to round out that number to 30 within the next year.

The Daily Mail reports Alex Pelling and Lisa Grant weren't satisfied with the venue options at home, so they decided (after a few glasses of wine no doubt!) to sell their business and set off on a three-year world tour.

The goal? Get married 30 times — each ceremony in a different country!

This story sounds like the perfect romantic adventure, and the couple notes that their love hasn't suffered from jet lag as a result of the journey: “If there is anything that makes you know you are meant to be together it is surviving this trip without a single argument. We still get nervous before every single ceremony!"

Photographers, families and wedding pros have helped out the couple by providing free and/or minimal cost services just to be a part of the fun and at the end of their three-year wedding tour the couple will choose their favorite place to officially get hitched.

Hold up. After 22 weddings and counting, they're not even married yet? Yep. Technically, none of these ceremonies are legit.

You can keep up with their journey on their blog and even request an invite to join them at one of their world-wide wedding ceremonies.

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