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You Won't Believe How Gorgeous This 3-D Printed Wedding Jewelry Is

This new trend is making it easy to customize your wedding jewelry in a beautiful way. See our favorite 3-D printed jewelry and accessories here.
cube planter
Catherine Jessee
by Catherine Jessee

The 3-D printing trend isn't just for paper and plastic anymore. Companies like Shapeways have rolled out a stunning selection of fine 3-D printed jewelry, accessories and other gorgeous 3-D printed materials that are sure to impress your guests. Always wanted custom-made jewelry for your wedding? Shapeways can connect you with an independent designer to create your own unique piece. Looking for the perfect bridesmaid gift? Customize one of its popular wedding items and accessories. Every product is professionally 3-D printed, and with so many materials to choose from (think: silver, gold, platinum), brides and grooms are taking advantage of the unique opportunity to customize engagement rings and even wedding bands to include a fingerprint along the interior. From modern ceramics to elegant trinkets, this trendy new technology is everything you need to shake up your wedding look. Check out some of our favorite products (including custom fingerprint wedding bands!) from Shapeways here:

1. Mobius Wedding Ring

Wedding Rings

Alminty3D Mobius Wedding Ring, $399.99,

2. Fingerprint Ring

Fingerprint Bands

Ekeler Works Fingerprint Ring, $599.00,

3. Leminiscate Cuff Links


Math_Art_Nature Leminiscate Cufflinks, $129.00,

4. Cherry Blossom Comb

Cherry Blossom Comb

Collected Edition Cherry Blossom Comb, $235.00,

5. Classic Tealight Lantern

Lantern Tealight

sid naique Classic Lantern Tealight, $19, 

6. Wireframe Heart Pendant

Heart Shaped Pendant

MakeWhale Wireframe Heart Pendant, $35.00,

7. Circle Dance Lace Band

Lace Band

DuetDesigns Circle Dance Lace Band, $75.00,

8. Rombic Cube Planter


Paralogical Design Ruba Rombic Cube Planter, $14.69,

9. The Mr Bottle Opener Keychain

The Mr Bottle Opener

Studio Darose The Mr Bottle Opener Keychain, $24.99,

10. Heart-Shaped Engagement Ring

heart shaped engagement ring GCD6 Heart Shaped Engagement Ring, $68.64,

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