5 Baking Gadgets For Your Registry

by Jamie Miles

Once you have the baking essentials on your wedding registry (I'm talking about a great set of measuring cups and spoons, muffin pans, cookie sheets, whisks and more), you might also want to add a few of these fun items.

1. A Cookie Press

1257580_Cookie Press

Get consistently sized cookies every time with this simple dough dispenser. Simply pour your batter in and press pretty cookie designs onto your baking sheet.
OXO Cookie Press with Disk Storage Case, $30, Amazon.com

2. A Pastry Slicer


Great for cutting through sticky foods like marshmallow, pizza and caramels. Wide wheel and perforations provide a clean cut for precise bakers.
Chicago Metallic Perforated Cutting Wheel, $10, ChicagoMetallicBakeware.com, Available in June

3. A Cupcake Corer

1261080_Cupcake Corer

Love to make cupcakes with special fillings? This inexpensive tool removes just the center — without making the surrounding cake crumble.
OXO Cupcake Corer, $7, Oxo.com, Available in June

4. A Collapsible Pan


Ideal for those sticky no-bake desserts, this pan folds down on all four slides for easy slicing (and removing).
Collapsible Pan, $12 (8×8) and $15 (9×13), ChicagoMetallic.com , Available in June

5. Batter Dispenser

1261180_Batter Dispenser

Now you don't have to worry about dribbling your muffin batter on the edge of your tin. Simply squirt in the right amount!
OXO Batter Dispenser, $12, Oxo.com, Available in May

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