5 Must-Know Tips to Registering for Your Wedding

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Everyone talks about how stressful wedding planning can be and the top topics tend to include guest list dilemmas, budgeting and even drama with mom. But registering can prove stressful too! In fact, 3/4 of brides-to-be find the process overwhelming. You would think that registering would be fun because it's kind of like the ultimate shopping spree, but when you actually are standing in the store with a scanner in your hand, you realize there's a lot to think about. To help, we put together a few tips to help you register stress free….

1. Start early
We recommend starting your registry six months in advance so that friends and family can buy the gifts you really want for engagement parties, showers and the wedding!

2. Create a plan
Discuss and decide the items you and your fiance really want before starting the process. Note what you already have since you'll likely be consolidating your items.

3. Think quality
Do your research to ensure you are registering for long-lasting, durable products. You'll also want to make sure they aren't too trendy and match your overall style and aesthetic if it's something you'll have for many years to come. 

4. Don't forget the necessities
It might seem boring, but you're going to need daily kitchen tools beyond the more popular mixers and blenders. Consider registering for brands like Corelle, Pyrex and CorningWare which are reliable, long-lasting brands. Don't overlook the obvious basics you'll need!

5. Have fun!
Enjoy the process! While traditional registries are most popular, honeymoon, charity and cash registries continue to grow in popularity. If you have all the household essentials you need, consider one or all of these an alternative.

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