6 (Easy!) DIY Bridesmaid Gifts

by Bridget Clegg
DIY Bridesmaid Gifts // Featured: The Knot Blog

Thank your bridesmaids for their support during the planning process and beyond with a homemade gift to give during the bachelorette party or the morning of the wedding. Take one of these six easy-to-do gift ideas and tackle it over the weekend!

Homemade Lavender Soap

Photo: A Pumpkin And A Princess // Featured: The Knot Blog
Photo: A Pumpkin And A Princess

Photo: A Pumpkin And A Princess

Once you buy the soap base and mold, all you need is a microwave and your favorite essential oils to create these gorgeous lavender soaps for your bridesmaids. Follow this basic tutorial to learn how.

Hidden Note Locket

Photo: Indigo Bunting // Featured: The Knot Blog
Photo: Indigo Bunting

Photo: Indigo Bunting

Write out a short note or your favorite quote on a strip of patterned paper, then fold and tuck inside a simple bubble locket (this one is from Etsy). It's a semi-homemade kind of bridesmaid gift! Here's the photo tutorial to help you do it.

Vintage Bauble Hanky Thank You

Photo: Oh, Hello Friend // Featured: The Knot Blog
Photo: Oh, Hello Friend

Photo: Oh, Hello Friend

Wrap a note to your bridesmaid in a vintage handkerchief and package it together with a sentimental bauble, like this pocket watch above. Follow this guide to make them!

Instagram Notecard Set

Photo: Printstagr.am // Featured: The Knot Blog
Photo: Printstagr.am

Photo: Printstagr.am

Round up your favorite Instagram photos and create a set of custom notecards for each bridesmaid. Design and print your own here!

DIY Fabric Hanger

Photo: Ruche // Featured: The Knot Blog
Photo: Ruche

Photo: Ruche

Make a no-sew fabric-wrapped hanger for your bridesmaids to hang their dress on and take home! Follow the how-to here.

Lace Monogrammed Tote

Photo: Under The Sycamore // Featured: The Knot Blog
Photo: Under The Sycamore

Photo: Under The Sycamore

A doily and freezer paper stencils help you paint on this cute monogram to a canvas tote. Follow this post to make the personalized bags, then give them to your bridesmaids filled with day-of essentials (like snacks, water, mini liquor bottles, nail files, disposable cameras, Band-aids, a stain remover pen and mints)!

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