7 Hot Wedding Hair Accessories

No matter how you decide to wear your hair -- up or down -- a well-placed headband, comb, or barrette can instantly transform the look from ordinary to extraordinary. The secret? Finding an accessory that complements your hairstyle.
by Heather Levine
  1. Feather Flowers

    feather flower wedding accessory

    To add a touch of whimsy without any extra bulk, try tucking a few feather flowers into your tousled knot.

  2. Crystal Hair Ties

    #2 Wedding Hair Accessory: Crystal Hair Ties

    ​Curl your strands to add volume and wrap them with a few embellished hair ties for a polished look with lots of style.​

  3. Pearl Hairpins

    #3 Wedding Hair Accessory: Pearl Hairpins

    ​Sprinkle a couple of pretty studded pins in your updo to give a classic hairstyle a little bit more glitz.​

  4. Headband

    #4 Wedding Hair Accessory: Headband

    ​A feminine wrap with an elastic band will help hold your hairstyle in place much better than a traditional headband would. ​

  5. Veiled Pin

    #5 Wedding Hair Accessory: Veiled Pin

    ​A veil might look too traditional with a sweet half-up hairdo. But a veiled hairpin (a net veil attached to a single pin) is playful and unique. Too trendy for your ceremony? Try swapping in this more avant-garde pin for the reception.​

  6. Crystal Barrette

    #6 Wedding Hair Accessory: Crystal Barrette

    ​Bring some bling to your short strands with a crystal clip. Just do the math: Two clips with a center part look very girly (perfect for flower girls), but one clip securing a side part will look sexy and sophisticated.​

  7. Gilded Comb

    #7 Wedding Hair Accessory: Gilded Comb

    ​Glam it up with a gilded comb; tuck strands behind your ear for a chic look.​

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