The Most Popular Wedding Date of the Year: 9/10/11

It may come as no surprise, but 9/10/11 is an extremely popular day to get married. In fact, about 37,000 couples on and will exchange "I dos" on that Saturday. Find out why.
by Amy Eisinger

September Is a Big Wedding Month

September is already a popular wedding month -- 12 percent of all weddings happen then. But there's a little more to it than that.

It's Easy to Remember

Couples love having dates that make their anniversary a cinch to remember. Last year, 10/10/10 was also popular for the same reason: 27,231 couples got married on that date.

It's Lucky

Dates like this are pretty rare, so they feel like a cause for celebration -- especially when they fall on a weekend. For instance, 8/9/10 was a Monday, while 7/8/09 was a Wednesday. In those instances, the date itself might have been memorable, but trying to arrange for a wedding in the middle of the week just seemed like a hassle.

And 9/10/11 ranks just slightly lower than the other most popular wedding date of all time, the very lucky 7/7/07. More than 38,000 couples tied the knot then.

It's Fun to Personalize

Lucky couples have plenty of options for incorporating the theme throughout their evening. They might arrange for a special toast at 9:10 p.m. or have nine tables with 10 guests at each during the reception. They could also set up a dessert table with nine different desserts, plus one wedding cake.

If the idea of playing up the wedding date seems too much, there are also a few subtle, creative options for including it, such as a monogram using the numbers or an original design that could appear throughout the invitations, programs and menus.

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