9 Alternatives To The Classic Bridal Bouquet

by Simone Hill

As much as we love a beautiful bridal bouquet full of fresh flowers, it can be really fun to reinvent the classics. Here, nine bouquet ideas — sans flowers.

Origami Paper Flower Bouquet

Flower Bouquet Alternatives // Paper Bouquet // The Knot Blog

Justin and Mary Photography

From the album: A Nautical Wedding In New Haven, Connecticut

Antique Brooch Bouquet

Flower Bouquet Alternatives // Brooch Bouquet // The Knot Blog

Pure 7 Studios

From the album: A Romantic Old-World Wedding in Santa, Rosa Beach, Florida

Felt Flower Bouquets

Flower Bouquet Alternatives // Felt Flowers // The Knot Blog

Felt Bouquets by Muncle Fred Art

Buy it here: Muncle Fred Art

French Beaded Flower Bouquet

Flower Bouquet Alternatives // Beaded Flower Bouquet // The Knot Blog


Buy it here: Bead Flora and Jewels

Feather and Faux Leather Bouquet

Bouquet by   Hair Bows Wonderworld

Bouquet by Hair Bows Wonderworld

Buy it here: Hair Bows Wonderworld

Metal Sculpture Bouquet

Flower Bouquet Alternatives // Abstract Metal Bouquet Sculpture // The Knot Blog

Di Bezi

Bridal Bouquet Made Up Of Mom and Grandma's Wedding Dresses

Flower Bouquet Alternatives // Fabric Bouquet // The Knot Blog

Marcio Cavalcanti Photography

From the album: A Golden Grandeur Wedding in Coral Gables, Florida

Seashell Bouquets

Flower Bouquet Alternatives // Seashell Bouquets // The Knot Blog


From the album: A Glam Beach Wedding in Kapolei, Hawaii

Leafy Green Bouquet

Flower Bouquet Alternatives // Leafy Greens // The Knot Blog


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