9 New Bridal Hairstyles You'll Love

These new bridal hairstyles are unique and effortlessly chic.
by Heather Levine
  1. Swirled Chignon

    Swirled chignon bridal updo
    photo by Grey Zisser

    ​This soft, elegant 'do looks like it might come undone at any minute, but trust us, this effortless style won't fall out during the reception.
    Create the look:
    Step 1 Blow-dry your hair, using hair spray as you go. This helps to give your hair more texture.
    Step 2 Part your hair to the side (the one that feels most natural) and pull it into a low ponytail.
    Step 3 Loosely wrap the ponytail into a loose bun, adding pins as you curl for maximum hold.
    Step 4 Leave the ends loose for a more undone vibe. Finish with a shot of hair spray.

    Earrings by NuNu, $95, ThePassionateCollector.com; dress by Christos, $3,600

  2. Toppled Knot

    Toppled knot bridal hairstyle
    photo by Grey Zisser

    ​This side bun definitely looks a bit more basic from the front, but the back has a quirky, modern vibe thanks to the off-center twist.
    Create the look:
    Step 1 Part your hair off-center and, on the opposite side, pull strands into a low side ponytail.
    Step 2 Use a 1/2-inch barrel curling iron to add texture to straight hair and smooth curly hair.
    Step 3 Twirl the curled ponytail into a bun, leaving the ends out at the center of the bun.
    Step 4 Twirl the ends on the top of the bun until you like the look; then pin and spray.

    Earrings by Elise Perelman, $279, Lunessa.com; dress by Claire Pettibone, $3,900

  3. Graphic Loops

    Graphic loops bridal hairstyle
    photo by Grey Zisser

    ​At first glance, this avant-garde style looks like two basic buns, but the other angles reveal elaborate loops and swoops.

    Veil, $185, JoomiNYC.com; earrings, $80, AmeliaRoseJewelry.com; dress by Romona Keveza, $3,700

  4. Twirled Updo

    Twirled bridal updo hairstyle
    photo by Grey Zisser

    ​A classic, center-back bun will never go out of style. Give yours some extra pizzazz with a subtle swirl.
    Create the look:
    Step 1 Pull your hair back into a ponytail without a part (you don't need to secure it just yet).
    Step 2 Split hair vertically into two even sections and cross the right piece over the left in an X.
    Step 3 Take the left section and curl it counterclockwise into a loose bun. Pin and spray to hold.
    Step 4 Wrap the right-hand section clockwise and pin to secure. Pop in your hair accessory.

    Veiled comb by Sara Gabriel, $425, GabriellaNewYork.com; earrings, $840, Shaesby.com; dress by Romona Keveza, $3,700

  5. Tucked Roll

    Tucked roll bridal updo
    photo by Grey Zisser

    ​Another way to give your bun an extra touch of glamour -- ask your stylist to give your bangs some extra attention.

    Earrings, $130, AmeliaRoseJewelry.com; dress by Pnina Tornai, $3,300

  6. Braided bun

    Braided bun bridal hairstyle
    photo by Grey Zisser

    ​Braids are a simple way to add some texture to your updo. Try extensions for a bit more volume. It's easy -- no stylist required.
    Create the look:
    Step 1 Use hair spray to add texture. Create a low side part and pull hair to the nape of the neck.
    Step 2 Separate into two sections and make fishtail braids, leaving the last two inches unbraided.
    Step 3 Pull lightly outward on the sides of each braid. This loosens them up for a laid-back look.
    Step 4 Curl braids into a bun. Add volume by wrapping braided extensions around the bun.

    Earrings, from $90, AmeliaRoseJewelry.com; necklace by NuNu, $225, GreenwichJewelers.com; dress by Anne Barge, $2,900

  7. Hi-low Updo

    Hi-low bridal updo
    photo by Grey Zisser

    ​Starting with a ponytail gives your updo a little bit more lift, but few details can make easy elegance look absolutely extraordinary.

    Earrings, $148, MabelChong.com; dress by Pnina Tornai, $3,300

  8. Soft Waves

    Soft waves bridal hairstyle
    photo by Grey Zisser

    ​Pair smooth tresses with a sparkly hair clip for a simple wedding day look that will wow.​

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