Wedding Favors: A Friend Is Giving the Same Wedding Favors!


For wedding favors, I chose silver picture frames that will also hold guest place cards. The problem is that a friend of mine whose wedding is three months before ours is doing the same thing! She has been somewhat competitive about our weddings, and we have invited several of the same guests. Should I keep the frames or select new favors?


Well, this is really up to you. Silver picture frames are very traditional wedding favors, so it's not the worst thing in the world for you both to give them. But if you think it won't be worth the flak you might get from your friend (who should be obsessing about more important things!), then go ahead and give something else. If you've already purchased the frames, though, go ahead and use them. Guests who attend both weddings won't be miffed -- everyone likes picture frames!

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