Wedding Food & Drink: A Full Bar for a Lunch Wedding Reception?


We are having a late-morning wedding ceremony, followed by a lunch wedding reception. The atmosphere will be that of a garden party. We are planning on offering champagne during the cocktail hour and wine with lunch. Is it bad form not to have a full bar as well? Hard alcohol seems a bit excessive at that hour and in that atmosphere.


I agree -- wine is completely appropriate for a luncheon wedding reception , plus champagne for the cocktail hour and/or for toasts. There's really no reason you need to also serve beer and mixed drinks at the party you're planning (bonus: you'll save some bucks if you don't), and at lunchtime, it's hard to imagine people will miss it. You should know that it's never bad form to forego a full bar, even if you're having an evening dinner dance wedding reception; it's completely up to you what kind of and how much alcohol you serve at your wedding (if any).

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