Wedding Party: Additional Bridal Party Roles for Adults?


We've got more friends and family that we'd like to honor than we could possibly have as wedding attendants -- half the wedding would be standing at the front of the church! What other special bridal party roles can we give to friends and family who we can't include in the wedding party?


It sounds like you might not be able to make every last person part of your ceremony, but rest assured, there are plenty of other ceremony roles you can give to those who aren't bridesmaids or groomsmen. Ushers (and usherettes) are obvious options, as is asking people to man the guest book or gift table. Other ways to get loved ones into the ceremony? If you're having candelabrum, you can ask friends to be candle lighters -- just before the ceremony begins (when guests are seated and music is playing), they ceremonially light the candles using long matches. If you are having a Catholic or Episcopalian ceremony, ask honored friends to carry the gifts to the altar. Similarly, a friend can act as the glass bearer (carrying up the glass that will be shattered at the ceremony's conclusion) or hold the poles of the huppah during a Jewish wedding ceremony . For special family members you would like to include in the processional, ask them to escort your grandparents or other more elderly relatives down the aisle. Lastly, you might ask an honored friend or relative to be the witness to your signing of your marriage license or your ketubah.

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