5 New England Proposal Stories We Love

Sweet stories that led these New England natives to "I do."
by Libby MacCarthy
  1. Jenise & Jared

    Bellaria Designs Photography

    Narragansett, RI

    After a year of dating, Jenise and Jared planned a trip to Europe, which included a stopover in Cannes, France. The pair spent the warm September day exploring the city's historic streets, and in the afternoon, they decided to hike up the hill to the site of Musée de la Castre, a medieval castle filled with art from all over the world. As they took in the views of the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean, Jared took Jenise totally by surprise, getting down on one knee and proposing. "I'm pretty sure my exact words were 'What are you doing?' then 'Oh my God,' then 'Holy ring!' and finally, 'Yes!' " Jenise says. "The moment was such a whirlwind and we were in the most amazing place. He really put so much thought into it." The ring: Jared the Galleria of Jewelry

  2. Lauren & Zach

    Jill Markley Studios


    With the start of the New Year, Zach knew it was time to make things official. Knowing Lauren's parents would be visiting in February from North Carolina, he planned his proposal to coincide with their trip so they could celebrate all weekend long. Though the day started off with sun, by the time Lauren arrived home from work it had begun to downpour. Not wanting to get soaked during the quarter-mile walk between the parking lot and their home, she called Zach in hopes of having him pick her up. But he was a little preoccupied. "I walked in, soaked, and was planning on giving him a lecture on the absence of his chivalry," Lauren says. "That is until I turned the corner to go up the stairs and saw a path of rose petals and candlelight and heard my favorite Lana Del Rey song playing. It took a moment, but once he got down on one knee, I realized what was happening."

  3. Jessye & Kevin

    Cambria Grace Photography


    Almost three years to the day of their first date, while Jessye was out running errands, Kevin filled the house with more than 200 votive candles and rose petals. When she arrived home, with Kevin nowhere to be seen, she was blown away by the romantic scene. "I was standing immobile in the doorway, still holding my gym bag and groceries, when Kevin finally walked into the room looking very dapper and carrying a beautiful bouquet," Jessye says. “He literally had to instruct me to close the door and drop my bags because I was in some state of shock! I loved that it was just the two of us and our dog, Oscar, in our cozy apartment." Later that evening, the pair headed to Jessye's parents' house for celebratory champagne and a Christmas Eve dinner. The ring: Boston Ring and Gem

  4. Maya & Caleb

    Ruth Eileen Photography

    Hanover, NH

    Despite living in two different states, Maya in Vermont and Caleb in New York, the pair decided to give a relationship a try after being introduced by a mutual friend. They spent two years doing long-distance before Maya took the plunge and moved to New York City to be with Caleb while he finished medical school. Before starting his residency in North Carolina, Caleb planned a relaxing vacation in Miami at a close friend's family home where he planned to propose. He enlisted the help of Maya's best friend, Maria, to find the perfect engagement ring, and he popped the question on a sandy, white beach. "A crowd of people started cheering, but it was so intimate and emotional that we didn't even notice that anyone else was around until that moment," Maya says. “We truly could not have made this work without the love and support from our amazing families." The ring: Ultimate Jewelry Designs

  5. Farah & Cliff

    The Harris Company


    Working in the same hospital, Farah and Cliff were bound to cross paths. While delivering medication to Farah's unit, Cliff struck up a conversation with Farah, kick-starting a friendship. "I remember thinking that he was attractive the few times I'd seen him around the hospital, but I was always too shy to approach him," says Farah. "If someone had told me that I would be marrying the pharmacy guy, I would have asked if they were crazy." Three years after first meeting, Cliff popped the question. Before heading to dinner to celebrate Farah's birthday, Cliff took her on a romantic walk through Boston Public Garden where he got down on one knee and asked Farah to marry him. A photographer was there to capture every moment. “I will never forget the smile on Farah's face—I wanted that special moment to be as perfect as it could be, and it was!" Cliff says. The ring: Kay Jewelers

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