Allie & Josh's Real Charity Registry Story

Family and friendship was the theme for this Brooklynite couple's wedding.
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Brooklynites Allie and Josh wanted the theme for their wedding to be all about family and friendship. This sense of connection drove all of their wedding planning decisions, including their registry. "We've lived together for a couple of years and have already amassed a lot of household items," Allie says. "But more importantly, we both wanted to find a way to incorporate charity and a sense of community into our wedding."

About Their Page

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and Active Minds

From Josh: "Both are charities that are closely connected to our family, as Allie's father is currently battling pancreatic cancer, and Active Minds is a wonderful organization that was founded by Allie's cousin."

Neighbors Together

"This is a charity that's closely connected to our home: Brooklyn, New York," says Josh. "We live in Brooklyn and will continue to put roots down here in the years to come, so we wanted to give to an organization that gives back to our community. Plus, its executive director is a good friend of ours."

The Sentencing Project

"This is an organization closely related to my field of study and career," Josh explains. "I just completed a dual masters in public administration and social work and am committed to working in the area of criminal, juvenile justice reform."


"We listen to this public radio station all of the time and only give to it sometimes. So we thought it was a good one to profile," says Josh.

The Goal
"We don't have a goal in mind, but are so honored that friends and family have already collectively contributed more than $3,600 to these five charities that are so dear to our hearts," Josh says. "What's amazing about the charity registry is that people can give as little or as much as they'd like, and they can give it all to one organization or split their donation up among many. The sky's the limit, and the charitable impact is significant."

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Photographer: Meredith Perdue

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