Green Weddings: Alternative Flower Ideas

by The Knot

Find Your Green Thumb

Wedding flowers are symbolic of the natural world. So where better to make eco-friendly decisions? Think about pesticides and investigate the origins of flowers that you're interested in to see if they were grown in an environmentally unfriendly way. Also, using cut flowers results in a lot of floral waste. Talk to your florist about conserving: maybe you could share the bulk of the blooms with another party. More ideas:

Buy Organic Blooms

Pesticide-free petals show off a flower's natural beauty. "Conventionally grown roses are so genetically engineered that they don't even smell like roses anymore, so they are sprayed with an artificial scent," says Seo. "Organic roses smell how they should smell." If you can't find a local florist who can track down organic flowers, check out for a wide array of sustainably grown blooms.

Pot Your Pieces

For centerpieces and other decor elements, use potted flowers, plants, or even small trees, which can later be transplanted to your garden or yard. Ideas we love: placing potted trees strung with lights around the dance floor, or hanging escort cards from the branches of a flowering bush such as hibiscus.

Use a Flower-free Bouquet

What's trendy? Having your bridesmaids carry gorgeous fans for a Spanish-inspired affair, or silk boxes or purses filled with jeweled blooms. Look into using silk flowers too. Though sometimes more expensive, the arrangement will last forever and makes a great keepsake for your bridesmaids.

Plant a Tree

Giving back isn't limited to the wedding day. When you return home from your honeymoon, plant a tree in your backyard or the neighborhood where you got married (get permission first!). The best part? You can track how old the tree is by your anniversary.
For favors, make a donation in your guests' names to an organization that plants trees, such as

Support Local Nurseries

Your goal: locally grown, seasonal blooms. Talk to your florist about what flowers fall in this category to choose from. You can fill in with herbs, greenery, and berries provided by local nurseries.

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