Wedding Flowers: Alternatives to Flower Wedding Bouquets?


My fiance is seriously allergic to flowers. If my bridesmaids and I can't carry flowers, what should we use instead?


Though bridal bouquets are a staple at nearly all weddings, they're not a must-have. After all, Melania Trump walked down the aisle carrying only a jeweled rosary. And if avoiding flowers will keep your honey from sneezing through the ceremony, it sounds like it's definitely worth it for you to forego the buds. We know of a beautiful wedding where the groom suffered from allergies so the bride and her attendants carried beautifully decorated silk fans.

If you decide you want to cut back on flowers but not eliminate them entirely, you and your maids could hold single blooms -- a modern, minimalist look. Your florist should be able to recommend flowers that'll be less likely to trigger a reaction. They may also be able to prepare and clean the flowers to make them virtually pollen-free. When it comes to centerpieces, you're in luck: Non-floral centerpieces are a growing trend, with great ideas from candles to potted plants. So you're sure to find something that you love...and his nose does, too.

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