Ann & Justin's Real Charity Registry Story

Just as passionate about giving back as they are about food, the couple wanted their charity registry to mirror that.
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Ann and Justin embrace spontaneity in their relationship, so when the foodie couple traveled to Charleston, South Carolina, to eat cheeseburgers at an award-winning restaurant, and Ann declared, "Man, it doesn't get any better than this," -- Justin proposed. Just as passionate about giving back as they are about food, the couple wanted their registry to mirror that. "We truly have everything we need and wanted to throw a great big party and use the opportunity to give to charities that are important to us both," Ann says.

About Their Wedding

Officially speaking, the two were married at city hall on May 18. The following day, Ann and Justin invited 120 of their friends and family to an elegant, vintage '30s-inspired reception at a SoHo restaurant in New York City. The couple asked their friend, a living wall artist, to create all the floral design using ferns and succulents. At the end of the evening, guests took plants home with them.

About Their Charities on

Wounded Warrior Project

From Ann: "I have a lot of military/service (police officers) in my family. My cousin, who is in the cavalry, was shot down in his helicopter in Iraq about six years ago. His copilot/best friend was killed instantly, and my cousin was shot twice through his legs but still managed to save the helicopter from crashing. I've seen firsthand the effects of posttraumatic stress disorder on our veterans, and I think we should support them every way we can when they come home."

Lambda Legal
"The main reason we were married in New York was the recent legalization of same-sex civil unions," Ann explains. "As soon as we saw the photos of gay couples who were married on the first day in NYC, we both decided that was where we wanted to get married too. At our commitment ceremony, one of my bridesmaids read aloud the decision from Massachusetts's Goodridge v. Department of Public Health -- it was a beautiful way to state our belief that marriage is for all those who choose to love and commit."

Planned Parenthood
"As a woman, I appreciate everything that this organization provides, especially for women who are underinsured or uninsured, as I have been in the past," Ann says. "I'm married to a man who shares these beliefs and cares about women's health and well-being -- his mom is an RN. We both donate to this charity every month, and after Susan G. Komen for the Cure pulled funding (although now they've reinstated it), we knew we had to add this group to our list."

The Humane League
"We're animal lovers, especially dogs! We have two Shiba Inus currently and both grew up with all rescue animals," says Ann. "Justin's family dog Rosie passed away last year at 13, and we dedicated this charity to her and added her picture to our page."

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Photographer: Jimena Roquero

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