Wedding Planning: How to Share Our Wedding Website?


We've spent lots of time getting all of the directions, accommodation info, and other information onto our wedding web site -- now what is the proper etiquette for letting our guests know about it? Also, can we have them RSVP online instead of by mail?


You've got a couple options for directing people to your wedding webpage. Save-the-date cards, if you're sending them, are a perfect way to share the info -- just include a line like "for more details, check out www..." As for the invites, rather than including a reply card and envelope, you can include a card that says something like, "We can't wait to see you! Please RSVP at www...." (if your wedding is casual) or "The favor of a reply is requested at www...." (if your wedding will be more formal). But unless everyone, including your old granny, is especially net-savvy, consider sending a traditional reply card or calling certain guests to make sure you have all the RSVPs.

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