Q&A: Invitations: Which Styles Are Appropriate?


I was paging through invitation books with my mom and pointed out several lovely styles. She said to use white or ivory with black printing. I told her that nowadays many styles are acceptable. I am not choosing any "cutesy" ones, but mostly have selected classic ones, though they may have colored edging or pearlized patterns. Who's right?


The most formal wedding invitation is traditionally white or ivory with black engraving. But you're right -- these days, there are many just-as-formal-looking styles with a touch of color. If you're planning a very official white-tie or black-tie event (i.e., all the guests and the wedding party will be wearing tuxes and cocktail dresses), you may very well want to use traditional invitations to let guests know how formal the affair will be. If you're not planning to get quite that fancy, though, you should choose the invitations you like best and that reflect your personalities (yes, that's you and your future hubby's) and wedding style.

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