Wedding Cake: Are Fresh Flowers Sanitary on Wedding Cake?


I've seen people add fresh greenery and flowers to their wedding cakes, but I'm worried that doing so is not sanitary because of possible pesticides or dirt. How do I make sure the flowers are safe for our wedding cake?


Your wedding florist will be able to tell you which flowers are potentially dangerous and which are perfectly safe for use on your wedding cake . If you are concerned about the flowers being dirty, you need not be, as florists are careful to wash every bloom that is intended for your wedding cake very carefully. If you still feel uneasy, there are ways to use fresh flowers and not have them come in direct contact with your confection. Your florist can make small arrangements to place between the tiers for a wonderful effect, or he can place flowers around the base of (and not touching) the wedding cake, as well as putting matching arrangements on the cake table.

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