Wedding Accessories: Are Leather Wedding Shoes Okay?


I have orthopedic problems, so it's difficult for me to find pretty shoes that are also comfortable. I just found a perfect pair of white leather pumps for my wedding and was very excited until a friend told me that I'm supposed to wear cloth wedding shoes. I never gave it a thought before now, but I'm thinking people probably won't notice. Is it okay to wear leather shoes for your wedding?


Since comfort is key when it comes to wedding shoes , if you've found a comfortable pair, there's no question -- you absolutely should wear them. There isn't any rule that says brides have to wear cloth shoes, though many do because they often dye their shoes to match their wedding gowns and there are a lot of beautiful styles of wedding shoes made in cloth. That's probably why your friend thinks it's a must (but it's not). Wear the leather pumps!

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