5 Unique Marquise Engagement Rings (Similar to Ashlee Simpson’s!)

by Heather Hall

We caught a glimpse of Ashlee Simpson's new engagement ring on Instagram last night when she posted a pic with fiancé Evan Ross (does that name ring a bell? He's the son of the Diana Ross) and like Ashlee it's pretty yet unexpected. The ring features a marquise-cut diamond with a definite vintage vibe. Here are a few look-alike rings that are equally eye-catching.

Modern Metals

Anna Sheffield // Featured: The Knot Blog

Ring by Anna Sheffield

Vintage Scrolls

Gabriel // Featured: The Knot Blog

Ring by Gabriel & Co. New York

Something Sapphire

Kwiat // Featured: The Knot Blog

Ring by Kwiat

Timeless Twists

Gemvara // Featured: The Knot Blog

Ring by Gemvara

Old-Hollywood Glam

Neil Lane // Featured: The Knot Blog

Ring by Neil Lane

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