‘Access Hollywood’ Fashion Stylist Ashley Tarkington: My Favorite Wedding Invitations

I've narrowed down my wedding invitation choices to four options! Which one is your favorite?
by Ashley Tarkington
  1. Hey brides and grooms! It's Ashley from Ash n' Fashn back with another wedding planning post. There are now less than three months until my wedding and still so much to do! I've been taking it day by day and trying to check as much off my list as possible.

    You want to know the task that's been the most daunting? Choosing invitations! Who would have thought? There are just so many possibilities and directions to go. To tackle this one, I turned to Pinterest to seek out styles and designs I liked. My problem is I like too many things: flowers, watercolor designs, flamingos, pineapples, foil, you name it and I probably like it. If there was a way to combine all my favorite elements without looking like a Las Vegas carnival, I probably would. But for now, I'm trying to keep it simple and clean.

    To help narrow it down, I'm sharing my four favorite wedding invitations. Let me know if you have a favorite on Twitter at @ashnfshn!

  2. Beach-Themed Invitation

  3. Dipped Feathers Invitation

    Dipper feather wedding invitation

    By Minted

  4. Gray and Copper Foil Invitation

    Gray and copper wedding invitation
  5. Palm Leaf Invitation

    Palm leaf wedding invitation
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