Wedding Family Matters: Asking Father to Take Wedding Photos?


My fiance and I are trying to cut down on wedding costs. His father happens to be a professional photographer. Do you think it would be okay for him to be the wedding photographer on our wedding day?


You don't mention whether or not you have run this plan by your future father-in-law yet. If not, think twice about doing so. Asking him to perform this most important duty at your wedding may be a little too much to ask. He likely will want the day to sit back and enjoy his son's wedding, without having to worry about completing one of the most critical tasks of any wedding day. Photographing your wedding could be pretty stressful for him too -- after all, his son is the subject! He will probably spend more time and worry trying to ensure each photo is perfect. You don't want to have a frazzled father-in-law on your wedding day, right? There are many other places to cut costs; try not to do it this way if you can.

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