Wedding Reception Etiquette: Avoiding Unexpected Wedding Toasts?


At a friend's recent wedding, one of our mutual friends got a hold of the mike and delivered a drunken, somewhat inappropriate, and definitely unexpected toast. How can I stop this from happening at my wedding?


First of all, chances are your mutual friend feels too embarrassed to ever try that move again. But just in case, be sure your event planner, day-of coordinator, and/or emcee know specifically who is delivering each wedding toast. Provide a list with the full names of your friends or relatives, the roles they are fulfilling, and in which order they are speaking (for instance, Michael Smith, Best Man, 1st speech). Most importantly, lend specific instructions to the holder of the microphone (in most instances, your band leader or DJ) that he or she is not, under any circumstances, to hand the microphone over to any other guest.

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