Top 10 Ugliest Bridesmaid Dress Photos!

Dresses no woman should ever have had to put on (no matter how good of a friend she is).
by Anja Winikka
  1. Biergarten Bridesmaids

    Not really sure how to describe this one -- provocative German girl Halloween costume meets wedding?


  2. Cape Goat

    Don't worry -- those orange capes are PETA-approved.

  3. (Probably Not) a Few of Their Favorite Things

    We're not sure what's more embarrassing: the dresses that could've been Grandma's drapes, or the bows that belong on a Disney Princess.

  4. Lace-Ups

    Just an example of a few decades' trends (that is, '90s lace, teased hair and shoulder pads) taken to the extreme.

  5. Rainbow Connection

    Brides take note: Dressing your maids each in a different color will make them look unique -- but not necessarily in a good way.

  6. Little Bo Bridesmaids

    Now if they just could've figured out a way to incorporate shepherd's hooks into the bridesmaid bouquets...

  7. Green Without Envy

    Hey, in the very least, if the lights go out, the bridesmaids will be easy to locate.

  8. Pink Pouf Balls

    What bridesmaid wouldn't want to wear a racy bikini top and a ridiculously large ball gown skirt in hot pink?


  9. Orange Crush

    Because nothing says "wedding" like orange miniskirts and poodle-like trains and sleeves.


  10. Camo-Tastic

    This one is dual-purpose: Turn it into a hunting cape after the wedding!


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