Best Perfume of The Knot's 2019 Beauty Awards

Scent has the ability to evoke a memory even years later. Choose the best perfume for your wedding style to remind you of your day every time you wear it.
by Shelley Brown
Best Perfume

Fragrance is a major memory trigger, which is why it's so important to invest in the best perfume to wear on your wedding day. Looking for ideas? A word on finding the right scent for your wedding day: You'll want to plan a trip or two to a department store a few weeks before the wedding to sniff-test different perfumes. There's no way to accurately judge a scent by the bottle, so you'll need to try new fragrances on your skin. To test out a perfume, spray it on your inner arm and let it settle for a few minutes. Take a few laps around the store, letting your body heat and oils manipulate the formula, so you can get an accurate representation of how it smells on your skin. Once your perfume has sunk in, have your soon-to-be husband or wife take a whiff and give you their opinion. You don't want to wear a perfume that makes them sneeze or cringe (or worse—remind them of an ex!). Once you've done your check, buy a bottle of your new signature scent and set it aside until the wedding day.

Need some ideas? Shop our picks for the best perfumes below.

  1. Best Classic Perfume

    Best Classic Perfume 

    It’s no surprise the best classic perfume was Inspired by the young Coco Chanel. Equal  parts sexy and serious, the scent is pure elegance. A balanced blend of light florals and heavy musks means it can work for any wedding theme, location or time of year.

    CHANEL COCO MADEMOISELLE eau de parfum Intense, $115,

  2. Best Floral Perfume

    Best Floral Perfume

    This powdery, ultra-feminine scent lives up to its name. Just a spritz or two of our pick for the best floral perfume and you’ll be transported to a thriving garden full of blooming tuberose and jasmine.

    Gucci Bloom eau de parfum, $97,

  3. Best Romantic Perfume

    Best Romantic Perfume

    Calling all bridechillas. The best romantic perfume is also the boho bride’s answer to a signature scent. A unique blend of oakmoss, plum and freesia is all about the wild contrast of soft, fruity notes and sharp florals.

    Chloe Nomade eau de parfum, $132,

  4. Best Clean Perfume

    Best Clean Perfume

    Whether perfume isn’t really your thing or you’re new to wearing fragrance in general, our winner for best clean perfume is a great place to start. A hybrid of floral and citrus top notes is pleasant but never overpowering.

    CLEAN Reserve Acqua Neroli, $98,

  5. Best Fresh Perfume

    Best Fresh Perfume

    Not into heavy floral perfumes? You’re in luck—the best fresh perfume is all about modern greenery over blooms. This mix of citrus, lush greens and magnolia is as crisp and vibrant as it gets.

    AERIN Beauty Éclat de Vert parfum, from $225,

  6. Best Summer Perfume

    Best Summer Perfume

    Created with warm days in mind, the best summer perfume is a smooth blend of dry coconut wood, cashmere and sandalwood. This relaxing, tropical perfume is perfect for equally laid-back nuptials.

    Pinrose Sun Saint, $65,

  7. Best Woody Perfume

    Best Woody Perfume

    If you’re feeling bold, dab on this musky choice that is as every bit as sultry as its flame-red bottle. The best woody perfume for your day is a  bouquet of Bulgarian rose plus woody notes packs a seriously seductive punch.

    Narciso Rodriguez NARCISO eau de parfum Rouge, $116,

  8. Best Unisex Perfume

    Best Unisex Perfume

    Once you catch a whiff of our winner for best unisex perfume, you won’t be able to forget it. The intense combo of smoke and leather is one-of-kind and a serious magnet for compliments. No matter your gender, this unexpected scent is sure to turn a few heads.

    Le Labo Santal 33 eau de parfum, from $82,

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