Becky & David: Soft & Spiritual on a Farm in Shelbyville, KY

by Amy Elliott

Not long ago, when Becky Puckett and David Booth were students at the University of Kentucky, both spent one summer working at the Fayette Mall in Lexington. "I worked in a music store and he worked in a sporting goods store that just so happened to be across the hall from us," says Becky. There was always a great deal of interaction between the employees of the two stores -- after a bit of flirting, David asked Becky out to a movie.

Nearly two years later, in the height of the Christmas season, David asked Becky to marry him in The Village, a scenic cul-de-sac in Gatlinburg, TN. "It made you feel like you were in France," remembers the bride. She was too surprised to cry at first. "I didn't think he would ask me for a couple more years."

THE BRIDE Becky Puckett, 25, zookeeper at the Louisville Zoo
THE GROOM David Booth, 27, merchandiser for a fishing company
THE DATE September 30
THE SCENE Gallrein Farms, Shelbyville

THE SETTING At Gallrein Farms, a popular pick-your-own spot about 30 minutes west of Frankfort, you can harvest your own fruit, stock up on flowering plants, and pet barnyard animals. The site is located on acres and acres of corn and tobacco fields -- in the fall, the terrain becomes laden with bright orange pumpkins, the cornstalks turn golden-brown, and hayrides run 'til sunset. Early one September evening, Becky and David, a merchandiser, were married beneath a white arch studded with stephanotis and greenery, on the T-shaped dock that juts out over the farm pond. A family of white ducks paddled lazily over the water's surface as the blue sky began to pale, and the bridesmaids' periwinkle gowns echoed the sky's color. "During the ceremony, two flocks of geese flew over us and you could hear the ducks quacking," remembers Becky. "Since I work at a zoo, I was in heaven."

THE CEREMONY Right on the grass, guests sat in white chairs arranged in a chevron shape. Scattered rose petals formed a natural aisle, as the bride made her way to the edge of the dock escorted by her dad. "He has a difficult time walking," explains Becky. "For him to walk me down the aisle was the most precious moment of my life." There were other magical moments. Throughout the ceremony, a sundog -- a small rainbow hovering near the horizon -- appeared in the sky and seemed to bathe the scene in soft, surreal light. "It's supposed to bring good luck," explains the bride. As if that weren't romantic enough, several guests remarked on a large, feathery cloud hanging overhead. "They said it was in the shape of an angel."

THE CELEBRATION Later, for the reception, guests moved to a contemporary barn. Tables piled with a picnicky repast -- Jell-O salad, pork tenderloin, and a pretty pistachio-color punch -- greeted guests as they entered the festivities. "I couldn't stop dancing," remembers Becky, and before long, neither could anyone else -- especially David's dad. "He danced like a crazy man to Creedence Clearwater Revival," laughs Becky, noting that her father-in-law is actually blind.

THE FINAL MOMENTS Much later, the newlyweds fled through a deluge of flying rice, then departed for Louisville to spend the night in a grand hotel.

--Amy Elliott
Photographs © Amy Keehn

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