Best Places in Ann Arbor For Wedding Photos

Here are the best places in Ann Arbor to take wedding photos, according to the pros.
by Alison Goldman

We know your search for the perfect place to take your portraits can be as stressful as your reception venue hunt. That's why we talked to our favorite Ann Arbor-area photographers to narrow down your options. Whether you're looking for a romantic outdoor spot or something a bit untraditional, we've got you covered -- plus, what you should know before you plan a session there.

The University of Michigan Law Quad

"The Tudor Gothic-style architecture is amazing -- there are dramatic pillars and beautiful doors. I love to take a shot of the bride and groom strolling down the street in front. It's great for larger wedding parties because I can spread them out on the staircase there. During peak wedding season, you may have to wait your turn on the steps, so if you're in a time crunch, this isn't the spot. Avoid it during the school's graduation!" -- Nicole Walling, Artistic Wedding Photos, Livonia,

Michigan Stadium

"Wolverine football is a huge deal! You can get really unique shots on the field. Take advantage of the field markers, the gigantic 'M' at the 50-yard line and the tunnel that the football players run through to get onto the field. Great for fun couples who want to pretend they're football players for a bit. But watch out: You have to pull a lot of strings to take photos here. This couple was able to take photos there because the groom worked in public relations for the university at the time of the wedding." -- Ray Anthony, Ray Anthony Photo, Birmingham,

Jaycees Summer Carnival

"If you're looking for something offbeat and having a wedding the weekend following July 4, head to this fun, kitschy carnival that comes to Pioneer High School on West Stadium Blvd. every summer. I did one session there and took pictures in front of the Ferris wheel because this groom proposed while the couple was riding one! I also shot them in front of a colorful, cartoonish fun house. So many options for exciting shots!" -- Abby Rose, Abby Rose Photo, Ann Arbor,

Wave Field

"U of M's north campus is a fun area for an engagement session. Take photos on The Wave Field, a north campus sculpture created by Maya Lin. It's 10,000 square feet of rolling grass waves. Couples have fun running around and lying down on the field. But watch out for grass stains if you're wearing your wedding dress!" -- Abby Rose, Abby Rose Photo, Ann Arbor,

Island Park

"My favorite, fairly unknown photo spot is Island Park, located on the Huron River, off Island Park Drive near U of M hospital. It has a great, old bridge with rusted crossbeam rails and worn wood planks, which make for warm, almost sepia-toned photos. Although the park is open 24/7/365, the best time of year to take advantage of this site is fall when the vivid oranges and yellows enhance that sepia look. There's also free parking -- a rare find in Ann Arbor! And there are rarely ever any crowds." -- Bethany Neal, Capture Photography, Ann Arbor,

State Theater

"I use the State Theater marquee as a backdrop, shooting from a low angle as the couple walks across the street. It's best for couples who want an urban look with people and buildings in the backdrop. It's also good for nostalgic brides and grooms because theaters always give you a time reference from the movie names on the marquee. Head inside if you want some playful shots with popcorn and movie tickets." -- Ray Anthony, Ray Anthony Photo, Birmingham,

Michigan League

"U of M's central campus union provides the perfect photo op for traditional brides and grooms. It's an 80-year-old building with dark wood paneling, stained glass, subdued lighting and long hallways with polished stone floors. Perfect for winter brides who want indoor photos with a vintage air. It's open to the public seven days a week, but it's probably a good idea to call ahead before you show up." -- Amy Lemus, Lemus Photography, Wixom,

"Sunday Morning in Deep Waters" Fountain

"This fountain is right on U of M's central campus on Ingalls Mall between Burton Tower and the Michigan League. You don't need any special permission to head into the water. In fact, campus lore almost encourages students to jump in. I'd definitely recommend shooting here in the summer months to avoid cold temperatures and the throngs of students changing classes." -- Abby Rose, Abby Rose Photo, Ann Arbor,

East Liberty Street Wall Mural

"There's a colorful mural of famous faces -- Edgar Allan Poe and Woody Allen are two -- that you can't miss at the intersection of East Liberty and State Streets. It's in front of an outdoor café, so there are iron chairs and tables for the bride and groom to use. I like creating a juxtaposition between the giant faces and a bridal party sitting in front." -- Ray Anthony, Ray Anthony Photo, Birmingham,

M-14 Underpass

"The underpass off of the Barton Road exit is a neat spot for a nature-loving couple. And it's really easy to get to; you can actually park nearby and walk right underneath. There's a soft, golden light there during the summer in the late afternoon. The concrete texture of the underpass and the tall weeds create a nice setting for vintage or rustic photos. Watch out for the mud if you're in your gown, though this is such a cool spot for a trash the dress shoot!" -- Abby Rose, Abby Rose Photo, Ann Arbor,

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