The 3 Most Important Areas of Your Bridal Body

If you only have time to focus on one area at the gym, make it the one that will give you the most noticeable results.
by Doug Rice

Even if you're rocking sleeves, your shoulders, arms and back will be on display in your wedding gown. I call these three areas the "bridal trifecta," and while many brides initially ignore them in favor of legwork, these upper-body areas should actually be their priority. Think about it: On your wedding day, all that satin and taffeta will be covering your legs. But your arms, shoulders and back will be on display the entire time. That's why resistance training that focuses on the bridal trifecta is key. Here are my three favorite moves that target the bridal trifecta.

1. Collarbone Contouring

One of my top client requests is a defined collarbone, or, as some put it, "that dent." Your collarbone will show in gowns with or without straps, especially if you wear an updo.

Shoulder shaper:

Tone this area with shoulder exercises such as an overhead press or upright row.

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2. Arm Shaping

Your arms will be on display throughout your ceremony and reception (even pretty lace or sheer sleeves highlight your arms), so the last thing you want is to jiggle during the ring exchange or as you wave to guests during your big exit.

Arm shaper:

Focus mainly on your triceps (the backs of your upper arms) for the most impact. Dips are perfect.

3. Backside Slimmers

You picked a gown with an amazing back -- your own back should be just as beautiful.

Back shaper:

Exercises such as reverse flyes and rows will trim your torso and help prevent the dreaded "muffin" effect around straps and bodices.

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