Bridesmaid Dresses: Best Dresses for Plus-Size Maids?


I have a friend who is overweight, and I want her to be in my wedding. The problem is, I want to find a pretty bridesmaid dress that will flatter her and make her feel comfortable. Can you help?


There are many manufacturers who make dresses in plus sizes. Designers like Champagne Formals, Bill Levkoff, and New Image are just a few of the names making dresses in a wider range of sizes. It's great that you're thinking about how to make your friend feel her best on your big day. (Other brides should learn from you!) Since it's impossible for you to know exactly what she'll feel most comfortable wearing, why not take her shopping? You'll get an idea of what styles she prefers, and you can make your decision accordingly. If it's impossible for you to shop together, send her photos of some dresses you like and ask her opinion. If you really want your maids to wear a dress that doesn't come in a larger size, look for a dressmaker who can duplicate the design for her. A talented seamstress can do this with relatively little difficulty. The knock-off dress may even end up being more flattering on your friend if a few carefully placed seams are added. Just continue being sensitive to her feelings.

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