5 of the Cutest Colorado Proposals We've Ever Seen

Sweet stories that led these Centennial State couples to "I do."
by Carmen Huff
  1. Taylor & Delbert

    African-American Colorado Couple Engagement Photos
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    Once the excitement of proposing got too much to bear, Delbert planned a lunch date at the sushi restaurant where he and Taylor went on their first date. Although Delbert planned to pop the question in the restaurant after the check came, he got too nervous and the two began to head back to the car. "I thought, 'Come on, Del, you can't go out like this!'" he says. It was then that Delbert asked Taylor if she thought it was a coincidence that he randomly asked her to lunch at the same spot where it all started. "Taylor started to put two and two together and almost had an anxiety attack," he says. "I managed to get down on one knee and ask her if she'd make me the happiest man on earth and be my wife." Once she said "yes," the pair quickly realized that Delbert had proposed on a busy street in Cherry Creek North that was under heavy construction. "The first person to congratulate us was a construction worker holding a 'slow down' sign," he says. "But don't worry—he approved of the ring." The ring: Hadley's House of Diamonds

  2. Lorin & Jeremy

    O’Fallon Park in Colorado Wedding Proposal
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    After photographer Michele Hart offered up a free photo shoot for Lorin and Jeremy as a way to thank them for referrals over the years, Jeremy quickly saw the opportunity as the perfect time to pop the question. In fact, he bought a ring and secretly planned the proposal with Michele without Lorin knowing a thing! "When he got down on one knee, I was completely surprised, and honestly didn't hear anything he said," Lorin recalls. “Later, when we were driving home, he had to repeat his speech to me because I couldn't remember any of it." The ring: Adiamor

  3. Kelly & Brandon

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    After nearly four years of dating, Kelly and Brandon planned a trip to Costa Rica, where the two spent a majority of their mornings drinking coffee and talking about their future. "We had always known we wanted to spend our lives together, as we discussed it often," Kelly says. A few nights into their trip, the pair was enjoying a glass of wine when Brandon asked Kelly to meet him in the backyard of their beach house, where he proposed. "When he got down on one knee, I felt this rush of excitement come over me," Kelly says. "It was my best friend asking me to spend my life with him." The ring: Goldworks

  4. Angela & Jesse

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    Talk about a sweet introduction: Longtime loves Angela and Jesse first met when Jesse was working as a server at The Cheesecake Factory. "I left my business card at the bottom of the to-go bag with a message that read 'call me,' " Jesse says. Three weeks later, she did; and five years after that, the two planned a trip to Steamboat Springs to attend its annual wine festival. It was there that Jesse decided to propose after interrupting one of the live acts. "I suddenly heard the music stop and Jesse's voice calling me up to the stage," Angela says. "I was shocked—I didn't expect him to propose in front of so many people!" The ring: Shane Co.

  5. Christy & Jeff

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    With a little much-needed encouragement from a coworker, Christy and Jeff agreed to a dinner date after learning they both shared similar interests. Fast-forward a year later and the pair celebrated their first anniversary with a ski trip to Snowmass. But as Christy prepared to make her way down the mountain, Jeff stopped her with the explanation that he needed a minute. That's when he popped the question. "I still can't believe he didn't drop the ring in the snow," Christy says. “I felt like I was on cloud nine—and it had nothing to do with the powder day we had on the slopes." The ring: Sal Vargas Jewelry

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