Top Wedding Registry Picks for Your Kitchen

Add character to your kitchen with these wedding registry picks for cooks.
  1. Slice & Store Chopping Board

    Finished with prep? Tuck the knife into this cutting board. Slice & Store chopping board, $15,

  2. Le Creuset 10-ounce Olive Jar

    Store your olives for safekeeping. Le Creuset 10-ounce olive jar, $25,

  3. Lemon Saver

    Save half-used lemons in perfectly shaped containers. Lemon Saver, $4,

  4. Joseph Joseph Dual-Blade

    Chop herbs faster with this dual-blade, easy-store gadget. Joseph Joseph, $26,

  5. Sodastream Genesis Kit

    Turn tap water into sparkling water in seconds. Sodastream Genesis kit, $125,

  6. Marcato Pasta Extruder

    Enjoy homemade pasta instantly and effortlessly. Marcato Pasta Extruder, $80,

  7. Stelton Bowls

    These Stelton bowls come in every color of the rainbow. Dot Collection by Paul Smith for Stelton, $59 each,

  8. 3-piece Knife Sharpening System

    Keep cutlery sharp. Shun 3-piece Whetstone Sharpening System, $100,

  9. Brioche Pan

    So cute, it can double as a serving pan. Green gingham brioche pan, $20,

  10. Brita Pitcher

    Brighten up your H2O. Brita pitcher, $31,

  11. Dish Towel

    Go green and skip the paper towels. Not-a-Paper-Towel dish towel, $11,

  12. Dial Cheese Slicer

    Set the dial to adjust the thickness. Dial cheese slicer, $15,

  13. Bodum Chambord Thermal Carafe

    Warm coffee or tea for more than 10 hours. Bodum Chambord thermal carafe, $54,