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Here's How to Nail Your Best Man Speech

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What You Need to Know for Having Bridesmen and Groomswomen

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Top Tips to Choosing Your Formalwear

Best Man Duties in Detail

Who's Who in the Wedding Party

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Best Man Toasting Basics

Best Man: What Are the Best Man Duties?

Where I can find a best man duties list? Ours is clueless...lovable, but clueless. Where would I find a clear, concise, thorough list of duties? Thanks.

Best Man: What If He Wants to Wing His Speech?

My fiance's brother plans to wing the best-man speech, but I don't want it to sound stupid. Should I beg him to write one?

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties: Who Pays for Bachelorette Party?

At a bachelor party, the best man typically charges per head for drinks and entertainment. Is it proper etiquette to charge per head at a bachelorette party, or should the maid of honor foot the bill?

Best Man: Must the Groom's Father Be the Best Man?

Is it okay if the groom's father is not the best man in the wedding? Should he still serve as a wedding usher, or should he be seated with his wife?

Groomsmen: How Do I Decline Being the Best Man?

I am getting married in August, and someone I know is getting married in July. He asked me to be his best man, but I have my own wedding to plan! How do I decline without hurting any feelings?

Wedding Family Matters: Don't Want Fiance's Brother to be Best Man in Wedding?

My fiance and I have been together for eight years, and just recently set a wedding date. His 23-year-old brother is always rude to me when we are in the same room, and has twice even referred to me using a racial slur. This has been going on about 2 1/2 years, and I've never done anything to antagonize him. My fiance excuses his brother's behavior, saying he doesn't mean those things, or that he was "only joking". This weekend the brother asked if he could be the best man in our wedding, and my fiance said yes. I am livid. I feel that giving him this honor is condoning the lack of respect his brother has shown me. I have explained all of this to my fiance and he has agreed to consider "un-asking" his brother. Am I being unreasonable? And if not, how can he do this without starting a major battle? His brother is a spoiled brat, and we are worried about how he'll take the news.

Best Man: Can I Have More Than One Best Man?

I want to have two girlfriends stand up with me at my wedding -- a maid of honor, as well as a matron of honor. Since I like symmetry, there needs to be two men on the groom's side, but what would their titles be? We don't want to designate one as more important than the other.

Best Man: Okay Not to Have One?

My fiance doesn't have a best man. Can we have a wedding without one?

Toasting Tips for the Best Man

Raise a glass and honor the bride and groom! Make it sentimental, funny, informative, and, well, PG-13.