The Best Marriage Proposals of 2010

Every year we're astounded by the creative ways some couples get engaged. Here are some of our favorites from 2010.
by The Knot

Manny and I visited Washington, D.C., over Memorial Day weekend, and he pulled some strings and arranged for us to go on a White House tour. As the tour ended, we walked out the front door and onto the porch. I turned around and Manny was on the ground. I said, 'What are you doing! You can't get on the ground at the WHITE HOUSE.' Then he pulled out the box and proposed! Such a shock, the crowds around us all cheered and applauded. We've since learned that only four couples have gotten engaged at the White House.
-- Katie R.

One of the biggest challenges I faced while volunteering in a Cambodian hospital was being separated from my boyfriend, Andy. After more than four weeks apart and a long day of serving at the Children's Hospital, there was a knock on my guesthouse door -- I opened it, and to my complete astonishment there was Andy, having flown halfway around the world to escort me home (or so he claimed). We had a casual dinner and grabbed a tuk-tuk (a moped-driven cart) and headed back to the guesthouse. Then and there, in the back of a tuk-tuk on the bustling streets of Siem Reap, Andy showed me the real reason he had come, handing me the most beautiful diamond ring I'd ever seen. The answer was easy: I said 'YES!'
-- Julianne H.

Gary and I were driving to a friend's house when suddenly I heard police sirens. 'Honey, why are they pulling us over?' I asked. The cop walked up to Gary's window and said, 'Do you know why I stopped you? You have expired tags and a bench warrant for your arrest.' I panicked -- I had no clue what a bench warrant was, but it had to be bad. The cop made Gary and me get out of the car, and said he had to arrest Gary, have the car towed, and could only release the car to me if I was Gary's wife. Gary looked at me and said, 'Let me see what I can do about that.' He reached in his pocket, pulled out a box and got down on one knee. I was confused, and actually ran off yelling, 'What are you doing?' Our moms got out of the back of the cruiser along with his best friend, who was filming it all. It was like an episode of Cops!
-- Jonelle D.

My fiancee is an avid climber, so I knew the perfect location for a proposal would be the rock wall she worked at. That afternoon, I set up a rock climbing date with myself and her roommates. We asked her to climb a specific route that her friend 'couldn't get,' and when she climbed to the ledge she found an empty box with a note. As she saw it and read it, she froze. She looked down to where I was standing, holding the ring in a separate box. She looked to make sure her belayer was ready with a good grip, and then she jumped and was lowered as fast as possible. I pulled the ring out, dropped to a knee and asked her to be mine forever. She was completely taken by surprise but managed to nod her head and get out a yes.
-- Colten S.

One Friday afternoon, while I was in my office working, I heard a loud clanging noise outside my door and when I opened the door there were two men in armor standing there. At first I thought it was a singing telegram from my boyfriend, Mike, but then one of the men took off his helmet and got down on one knee. It was Mike in full knight armor! I was in shock; my coworkers had been in on it helping him plan the proposal surprise.
-- Diana L.

David arranged for us to have a celebratory dinner at one of New York's top restaurants after receiving the glorious news that, after one year of fighting, I was cancer-free. David proceeded to wine and dine me, and after the final entree course, I, in my blissful state, began telling David how much I would love to return to this restaurant every year to celebrate. David (briefly crushing my hopes) said he didn't want to continue celebrating cancer, but wanted to return to celebrate something else. He lowered himself to one knee and removed the most beautiful diamond ring, and asked me to marry him. After getting over my surprise, I said yes, and the waiter promptly placed two glasses of champagne on the table. Once we calmed down, we finished our desserts and concluded the best night ever with a cab ride home.
-- Amelia E.

Jon and I went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Philadelphia, a place that brews its own beer, and names each beer with an acronym. After appetizers were done and dinner came out, Jon convinced me to try the BWYMM Ale. When my beer came out, it was in a different pint glass than usual: Etched on the pint glass was BWYMM Ale and underneath was written 'Beth, will you marry me?' Jon got down on one knee and turned my chair toward him -- almost the entire restaurant was watching and cheered.
-- Beth A.

My fiance and I are both roller-coaster fanatics, but when I ride coasters I'm white-knuckled and keep my eyes closed until after the first hill. We were at Cedar Point and decided to ride his favorite coaster first (the first hill is a little over 300 feet tall). As we're approaching the summit, I hear a rapid, 'Hey hun I love you will you marry me?' My eyes popped open, I looked at him and said, 'Are you serious?!' We pull into the station after the ride and he says, 'Was that a yes?' We're getting married next Labor Day weekend.
-- Keiria P.

Andrew became my sixth-grade sweetheart the day we first held hands at a school roller-skating event. A year later I decided he was boring, and not long after that his family moved across the country. Fast-forward 13 years: I've all but forgotten Andrew's existence. Facebook reconnects us; I now live in Arizona, he in Michigan. On the day we finally re-meet, I instantly know that I'm going to marry him. Two years later on a visit to our hometown, he suggests we go see our old elementary school. We stroll around the playground, marveling at how tiny everything looks. Next to the monkey bars, he pulls out a homemade paper fortune-teller: Pick a color, any color. Lifting the paper flap that I've chosen, I see Andrew's writing: 'Will you be ridiculous with me forever?' By the time I look up with thrilled disbelief on my face, he's down on one knee, holding a diamond ring.
-- Amanda B.

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