Best Places for Wedding Photos in Colorado

Here’s where the pros think you should take your pictures in the Colorado.
by Alison Goldman

We know your search for the perfect place to take your portraits can be as stressful as your reception venue hunt -- hey, you've got mountain-sized options to choose from! That's why we asked our favorite Rocky Mountain-area photographers to help you narrow down your choices. Whether you're looking to scale the peaks or want more of an urban vibe, we've got you covered -- plus everything you should know before you plan a photo session there.

Beaver Creek Lodge's Art Gallery

"The lodge has such a modern, sleek feeling inside, a nice break from all the log-cabin architecture. You need to make sure you have the hotel's permission to shoot, but it's well worth the extra work." (Editor's note: Since it's indoors, it's a great option for winter!) -- Amanda Tipton, Kokoro Photography, Littleton,

Red Rocks in Morrison

"Here, you can get artsy and traditional photos with downtown Denver and unique rock structures in the background. Or you can take shots on the pews where they have concerts. There's also a cool visitors center with airplane chairs and posters of concerts over the years. Be sure to go during visitor hours and watch out for concerts in the summer!" -- Valerie Franklin, 2 Sisters Photography, Denver,

City Park Golf Course in Denver

"You get one of the best views of the Denver skyline, especially at tee four, which is up on a hill. If you're a summer bride, it pays to wake up early to take photos here. At around 6 a.m., the sun gives off this warm, golden glow, perfectly lighting the golf course, the mountains and the city. Plus, the sky is usually blue and you don't have to worry about the storms that tend to roll through in the afternoon. I've never needed a permit here. Just go into the pro shop and ask if you can shoot; they're accommodating when they know it's your wedding day. But learn some golf etiquette before you go -- you should know when to be quiet and when to move." -- Jody Zorn, Zorn Photography, Denver,

YMCA of the Rockies, Snow Mountain Ranch

"Drive around this camp by Fraser and Winter Park. You need to have a permit to shoot, but it's worth it in the fall. There are huge sections of mountains covered in aspen trees, and it's absolutely gorgeous. I wouldn't go there in the winter: Fraser is the icebox of the nation, with temperatures below zero! Besides, you're going there for the aspens' color in the fall." -- Amanda Tipton, Kokoro Photography

Black Canyon Inn in Estes Park

"Tucked away between a granite ridge and an open ranch, this place is surrounded by the peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park. It has a small island with a cute bridge and ducks in the lake below. There's also a majestic boulder in their amazing backyard." -- Karina Heneghan, Karina Heneghan Photographics, Denver,

Silver Plume in Clear Creek County

"This old town off I-70 is filled with historic buildings, all 1800s mining town architecture, but the residents can be a little strange about you shooting in their backyards." -- Amanda Tipton, Kokoro Photography

The Atrium Outside The Denver Center for the Performing Arts

"The atrium is so great because the light is good almost any time of day and night. Since it's arched, it frames couples nicely and creates interesting geometric shapes. There are also fun doorways, staircases and balconies. A couple who's into more artistic, photojournalistic photographs and an urban setting would enjoy this site." -- Jody Zorn, Zorn Photography

Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

"The lake offers some of the best mountain views from an easy-to-access, roadside trail. The mirror-like lake and the peaks are stunning. Not a lot of people know about this spot, and I don't think it costs anything to shoot here." -- Karina Heneghan, Karina Heneghan Photographics

The Pavilion at Cheesman Park in Denver

"This site is just classic, but it caters to couples who want both traditional and photojournalistic pictures. The white columns are timeless and add so much elegance to any photograph. And there's also a beautiful fountain in front and colorful, gorgeous gardens in the back." (Editor's note: The pavilion is located outdoors, so it's not ideal for winter brides, but it's covered, so rain isn't an issue.) -- Jody Zorn, Zorn Photography

Main Street in Breckenridge

"The buildings that line this downtown street all have bright colors and old facades, and the river runs right behind the street as well. It's a great place to get a mix of funky town center, historical, and mountain images." –Amanda Tipton, Kokoro Photography

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