The Best Rosé Wines for Summer 2017

We burdened ourselves with the responsibility of testing these out.
by Andrea Fowler

For anyone who doesn’t live in constant sunshine, you understand us when we say: It’s finally summer! And by that we mean it’s finally seasonally appropriate to drink a lot of pink wine.

After getting engaged you might be surprised at how many times people offer to throw a party in your honor. Sure there will be the traditional bridal shower and bachelorette, but we’re talking about engagement bashes and intimate cocktail parties with close friends. With that in mind, and with the arrival of rosé season, we put together a little cheat sheet of our favorite rosé wines for the upcoming season. No matter which kind of party you have coming your way, you can be prepared with a few wine suggestions. (And in case you missed it, here’s what we decided on last year.)

  1. For Drinking on the Go

    Best rosé wine

    Moving your party to the park? Maybe it’s a poolside bachelorette bash? These cans travel. 

    From left: 

    Underwood Rosé Bubbles: The tasting notes of wild strawberry, fruit cocktail and tart cherry are perfect for backyard barbecues or lounging by the pool.

    Union Wine Company rosé bubbles, $28 for a 4-pack,

    The Drop: Light and crisp with a hint of minerality, The Drop is canned to minimize oxygen contact and maintain the crisp, fruit-forward character of the grapes.
    The Drop rosé, $25 for a 4-pack,

    Lila Wines: The vibrant can contains a crisp, dry and refreshing wine with aromas of fresh watermelon, strawberries and a hint of minerality.
    Lila Wines rosé, $12 for a 4-pack,

  2. Blind Taste Test Winners

    Best rosé wine

    In case you missed it, we tested a few of these out on Facebook Live—with blindfolds on. Here are the winners! 

    From left:

    Ruza: This refreshing canned rose is thoughtfully farmed with a spritzy palate and notes of raspberry, cherry and strawberry.
    WINC Ruza rosé, $14 for a 3-pack,

    Bollinger: The velvety bubbles, tannic finish and wild berry flavor made this sparkling bottle a staff favorite.
    Bollinger rosé,

    Funk Zone: We loved this light, fresh rosé blend of grenache and Syrah with a soft coral color and notes of just-ripe strawberry and cranberry with a dry finish.
    WINC Funk Zone rosé, $13,

  3. Best For Feeling Fancy

    Best rosé wine

    You’re celebrating, right? Splurge on a couple fancy bottles and get toasting. 

    From left:

    Le Grand Courtage: This bubbly rosé has fresh fruit aromas with background notes of lilac and violet, which strikes a balance between fresh fruit, acidity and sweetness.
    Le Grand Courtage brut rosé, $25,

    Chandon: This limited-edition American Summer bottle (which is only available from Memorial Day through Labor Day) has aromas of strawberry, watermelon and fresh red cherry fruit with apple, pear and stone fruit flavors.
    Chandon rosé, $24,

    Whispering Angel: This refreshing, dry rosé has fresh red berry characteristics with a floral nose and a smooth, round finish.
    Chateau d’Esclans Whispering Angel rosé, $22,

  4. High Taste, Low Price

    Best rosé wine

    You don’t have to choose between flavor and affordability with rosé. Here are our favorite picks with the lowest prices.

    From left:

    Josh: This pick is perfect for outdoor dining or parties with its aromas of strawberries, white flowers and stone fruit. (Psst: Pair it with light summer foods like goat cheese, gouda, fresh vegetables or seafood.)
    Josh Cellars Wine rosé, $15,

    Stemmari: For a balanced fruity wine, Stemmari has notes of wild strawberry along with a delicate structure that strikes the balance between minerality and freshness.
    Stemmari rosé, $10,

    Sauvetage: Sauvetage (French for "rescue") is a Provençal rosé at its best: light, pure and delicate with just enough sweetness.
    WINC Sauvetage rosé, $13,

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