6 Best Spas From Around the World

One of these honeymoon-approved hot spots could be your new happy place.
by Heather Hall
  1. The Resort at Pelican Hill

    Where it's located: Newport Beach, California

    Why we love it: Two words: Diamond Ritual. This luxurious spa offers an exfoliation treatment where your skin is polished and buffed by diamonds. Yeah, diamonds. A masseuse scrubs this extravagant powder all your body and then uses a magnetically-enhanced glove to remove the residue leaving your skin shining bright (like a diamond!). It's decadent for sure, but hey, when are you going to pamper yourself if not for your wedding or honeymoon?

    Get more info: PelicanHill.com
  2. The Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch

    Where it's located: Beaver Creek, Colorado

    Why we love it: This grotto-inspired spa is pure unadulterated luxury. It has every kind of dipping pools under the sun -- from saltwater hot tubs to cold (think: polar-bear-plunge cold) pools that stimulate your body's circulation and make your muscles melt (wedding planning's a hard business -- we know!). If your guy needs to relax too, there are coed hot tubs for you both to sink into.

    Get more info: RitzCarlton.com
  3. The W Barcelona Bliss Spa

    Where it's located: Barcelona, Spain

    Why we love it: Barcelona is one city that has crazy energy. There’s so much to do -- streets to shop, beaches to lounge on and restaurants to gorge in. But, sometimes you just want to get away and disappear, and that’s what you can do at the Bliss Spa. It's tucked away in the ultra-chic W Barcelona Hotel (also known as the “hotel by the sea”) and you can literally just hide away all day and pamper yourself in one of the pools or with a life-changing massage. The environment is minimalistic, but the services definitely are not. The spa takes care of everything during its services -- starting from heating gels for your feet to mind-bending head massages. Plus, you can sip on some champagne in the lounge post-treatment (after hydrating yourself with some cucumber-infused water of course).

    Get more info: W-Barcelona.com
  4. El Secreto

    Where it's located: Belize

    Why we love it: The only way to get to this uber-isolated spa is by boat (where a sea turtle spotting is pretty much a given), so it's safe to say that a treatment here will be a once-in-a-lifetime spa experience. A must-do while you're there: the Indonesian-inspired bridal ritual. It's an indulgent massage, followed by a body wrap of traditional "lulur" (a magical concoction of rice and jasmine), ending with a PH balancing flower bath. Somebody get us on that boat!

    Get more info: ElSecretoBelize.com
  5. Nayara Hotel

    Where it's located: Arenal Volcano National Park, Costa Rica

    Why we love it: This secluded spa is nestled in a deluxe tree house, in the middle of the rainforest, overlooking a volcano -- so right off the bat it already has most spas beat. But it's not just the amazing location that makes the Nayara Spa unforgettable; what's really special is that it uses natural ingredients that are locally sourced in its treatments -- from the cocoa beans for its scrubs to volcanic stones for its massages.

    Get more info: ArenalNayara.com
  6. Bulgari London

    Where it's located: London

    Why we love it: Fancy isn't always better, but when talking about the Bulgari Spa, it definitely is. The entire experience is luxury at its finest. There are vitality pools, ice fountains and Turkish baths for you to choose from. And if you feel too spent after a day of getting pampered (with one of its deep tissue massages or deluxe facials), you can just lounge around the pool on a canopy bed and soak in the tranquility.

    Get more info: BulgariHotels.com
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