Best Places in Wine Country For Wedding Photos

Here are the best places in Wine Country to take wedding photos, according to the pros.
by Nirvanna Lildharrie

Love the look of this photo, shot at picturesque Oak Farm Vineyards in Lodi? Here are 10 other great places in Wine Country to take wedding photos, according to the pros -- plus we tell you what you should know before planning a session there.

Railroad Square in Santa Rosa

"This former train depot has a few different looks to it: abandoned train tracks, an old brick wall and a big weed field with dry grass. If your wedding is on a Saturday afternoon, there are usually a lot of people there, but early in the morning and in the evening, it tends to be dead. It's free to shoot there, and there's parking." -- Michelle Feileacan, Michelle Feileacan Photography, Graton,

Solage in Calistoga

"There are bike trails and, for that ‘white picket fence' feel, small bungalows which look like little houses. The staff has beach cruisers for guests, which make for fun props! If you're shooting in the middle of the day, though, it's hard because there aren't lots of trees that provide shade." [Editor's note: You must have your wedding here to shoot here.] -- Lisa Fitts, Lisa Fitts Photography, Chico,

Armstrong Woods in Guerneville

"It's a beautiful Redwood grove, so it's always shady and cool -- even at noon in the middle of August! Even if there are tons of people there, you can always find a location to get those intimate, woodsy images. There's a big amphitheater too. I'd love to take a bride and groom there and have them sit on the huge fallen trees." -- Michelle Feileacan, Michelle Feileacan Photography

The Silverado Resort in Napa Valley

"I get great results with pictures here. There's a wooden bridge elevated above a river, which is really nice for bride and groom photos. They even give you a golf cart to ride around in." [Editor's note: You must have your wedding here to shoot here.] -- Jason Bennett, Bennett Weddings, Marin County,

V Sattui in St. Helena

"It's actually not that expensive to have your wedding here! It has cool, old, castle-like buildings and pillars, fields, a vineyard and a café. It's quite exquisite." [Editor's note: You must have your wedding here to shoot here.] -- Ryan Anson, Ryan Anson Photography, San Francisco,

Juilliard Park in Santa Rosa

"If you want to take big family photos, this is a good spot. It has lots of trees, a creek and a bridge. You can get there easily because there's parking, and the land is flat, so elderly people can walk around there too." -- Michelle Feileacan, Michelle Feileacan Photography

Sonoma Square in Downtown Sonoma

"You have to poke around a little, but there's fantastic stuff, like distressed buildings and cool staircases. The whole place is public, so there are no shooting issues. City Hall is in the center of the square, and there's a street behind it, near the Sonoma Mission, with some nice benches. The Sonoma Mission itself has a courtyard in the back with beautiful, wide-open, torn-up walls." -- Jason Bennett, Bennett Weddings

Goat Rock Beach in Sonoma

"It has beautiful dunes, and the beach is usually fairly empty (there are bathrooms too!). You always run into wind and fog at Northern California beaches, but it can make for some stunning images." -- Michelle Feileacan, Michelle Feileacan Photography

Viansa Winery in Sonoma

"It's in a fantastic location because it's not deep into Sonoma, and it's one of the first wineries you'd hit coming from San Francisco. You get that beautiful Wine Country feel without having to drive all the way into Napa." [Editor's note: You must have your wedding here to shoot here.] -- Jason Bennett, Bennett Weddings

Ca'Bianca in Santa Rosa

"There are lots of little nooks and crannies to take pretty photos. They have a beautiful wraparound porch, a pretty little garden in front and big stairs that lead up to this old, Victorian house, which is actually a restaurant. The drawbacks: It's not shady, and it can be challenging to get big group photos. But it's certainly intimate, so it's great for little weddings." [Editor's note: You must have your wedding here to shoot here.] -- Michelle Feileacan, Michelle Feileacan Photography

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